Microwave Technology Changing the Present Situation of Ceramic Enterprises

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: Ceramic industry has been developing for thousands of years in China. Traditional ceramic firing processes ceramics in high temperature kilns by burning energy. Faced with increasingly severe environmental protection policies, traditional coal combustion has become clean energy such as gas, but open fire is still unsafe. Researchers at Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. said that microwave technology could change the current situation of ceramic enterprises. Microwave technology belongs to advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technology with high quality and efficiency. Selective heating by microwave can quickly remove water from materials and select temperature from room temperature to 1800 degrees Celsius, which is a very good news for industrial production. With the continuous development of microwave technology, microwave technology has been continuously applied to life, such as drying technology, microwave drying and dehydration is very suitable for industrial production, and microwave transmission is also of great significance to the communications industry, as well as microwave energy and high temperature technology, which is the latest technology in the world. The specific products developed by microwave high temperature technology are mainly various series of industrial microwave equipment, covering the fields of low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature heating, which can be divided into intermittent and continuous ones.

Microwave thermal technology has a very significant energy-saving effect, usually energy-saving more than 40% (converted according to standard coal), which is a typical green, low-carbon, safe and clean production technology. "Last year, this technology was formally incorporated into the national new energy strategy and the advanced technology of revitalizing modern manufacturing industry by the U.S. government, which shows its advantages." Zhang Xiaodong said that the drying time of ceramic sanitary ware blanks dried by microwave can be shortened from several days to several hours, saving about 60% energy; while the firing time of ceramic products such as alumina and zirconia fired by microwave can be shortened by 70%-80%, saving more than 40% energy, and improving the yield of finished products, especially for the processing of some precise special ceramic industrial components. If microwave technology is used in enterprise production, clean production can be realized, traditional incineration production mode can be changed, and production will be cleaner and safer. This is also very beneficial to the health of factory workers. The basic principle of microwave equipment is to use the special thermal and chemical effects of microwave energy to heat or process substances efficiently. General substances or materials can be heated or processed with these microwave equipment. Zhang Xiaodong said that at present, microwave equipment is mainly used in mineral processing, metallurgy, chemical industry, ceramics, building materials, new materials, food, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and sideline products processing, forest products processing, and "three wastes" treatment. Its main advantages and selling points can be summarized into eight words: "high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection", which can significantly improve the quality of the processed materials, but also possible. Greatly improve production efficiency, and because of the use of electricity as energy, it is renewable energy.

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