How to change the current situation that drying equipment industry is dominated by buyer's market?

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan microwave equipment NetNews: At present, China's drying equipment market is in a rather awkward period, belonging to the typical buyer's market, the buyer plays a leading role in the market, customization on demand has become the only standard in the industry. The rapid development of drying equipment is mainly due to market demand, which leads to the era when buyers dominate the market. So how to change the current situation that the drying equipment industry is dominated by the buyer's market?

Customer's demand determines the market trend, and the same customer's demand for drying equipment determines the development of drying equipment. When customers purchase drying equipment, they usually consider several issues, such as type, drying effect, price, service life and so on. The manufacturer considers a lot of relative, first of all, drying technology, in line with the contemporary development of technology and technology can bring changes to industry. Thirdly, the material quality can be guaranteed by choosing the appropriate material, and the manufacturing cost can be greatly reduced, so that customers can buy more at ease. There are also a series of problems such as after-sales service. There is still a certain gap between the domestic drying equipment production and that of developed countries, but the advantages of domestic equipment are gradually being established and the dominance of domestic market is basically realized. With the efforts of domestic enterprises, a large number of enterprises with high technology level are gradually rising, drying equipment efficiency, product technology level is gradually improved, and increasingly green environmental protection.

Enterprises should vigorously promote the original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of digestion, absorption and re-innovation capabilities of drying equipment, promote product development with independent intellectual property rights, increase investment in independent innovation, strive to break through common key technologies, and take enhancing independent innovation capability as the strategic basis of scientific and technological development, as the central link of adjusting industrial structure and changing the mode of growth; Advanced technology should be combined directly with these universities and research institutes in various forms, so that enterprises can become the main body of technological innovation, make China's drying equipment industry bigger and stronger, and strive to occupy an important position on the international stage. Only by establishing drying basic research bases in Colleges and research institutes, and studying drying theory in depth, can we lay a theoretical foundation for technological development. Make our drying equipment step by step on the road of independent innovation.

Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd Relevant scientific researchers show that only by vigorously developing drying technology and supporting environmental drying machinery to achieve the standardization of drying equipment, matching, integration and automation of production lines, can China's drying equipment enterprises reverse the market dominance of that year.

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