Advantages and disadvantages of drying equipment in China compared with foreign countries

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: At present, drying equipment in our country has a good momentum of development. With the rising of drying technology, drying equipment in our country has completely occupied the domestic market, and even some prominent products have been exported to foreign countries. What are the advantages and disadvantages of drying equipment in our country?

With China's entry into WTO, our country has gradually become a farmer. The big industrial country has transformed into a powerful country in industrial production. Drying occupies a place in industrial production. So a variety of drying equipment was born, just to meet the drying needs of national industrial production. With the continuous development of time, the research and development of far infrared and microwave technology make industrial drying energy-saving and environmental protection. In the international competition of drying equipment industry, the main competitors of our country are Denmark, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and Japan. Compared with them, the advantages of drying equipment in China are low price, excellent quality and stable technology, which makes many domestic and foreign enterprises choose drying equipment in China, because it can reduce the cost of industrial production. Of course, compared with developed countries, the shortcomings of drying equipment in our country lie in the degree of automation, appearance quality, complete set and functional combination of products to be further improved. Although the development of electric automation in China is very rapid, it is still relatively backward compared with the earlier countries. At present, the automation level of drying equipment in our country needs to be improved, and more importantly, the perfection of supporting equipment for large-scale production lines. The drying equipment industry is mostly an enterprise developed in the past ten years. Because technology has been in the process of research and development, it is limited to the research and development of drying links, while the technology of supporting equipment is mostly imported from other enterprises, rather than produced by themselves. In addition, the appearance quality of drying equipment will be paid more and more attention. The corrosion resistance and reliable service life of corrosive materials drying equipment will be particularly concerned by users.

Most drying equipment in China are non-standard equipment, because the production capacity and materials of different industries and enterprises are different, it is impossible to produce drying equipment in batches, but it needs to be tailored to the basic situation of customers.

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