Causes of common failures of drying equipment

- May 08, 2019 -

< P > Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: Drying equipment is a project beneficial to the country and the people in industrial production, especially microwave drying equipment, which not only saves energy, but also protects the environment, can effectively reduce industrial pollution emissions, and has made an indelible contribution to China's environmental development. However, failure in the use of drying equipment is inevitable. Today we will To sum up what are the most common failures of drying equipment?

Generally speaking, the components caused by the failures of drying equipment can be divided into organic, load, regeneration and limitations. < P > < P > 1. Organic failure, in short, is the failure of a part of the drying equipment, which results in incoordination or even paralysis of the machine. Such failures are usually unspecified. Such as valve damage, muffler failure and controller failure. Generally speaking, the cause of this kind of failure is that the components of drying equipment are damaged by external force or the service life is over.

When the drying equipment has this fault, immediately suspend the operation of the equipment, troubleshooting, finding out the source of the fault, replacing the components can make the machine run normally. Load faults are simply the faults caused by overload operation of machines. Load faults are not easy to detect. Generally speaking, 24-hour continuous work of the machine can reduce the service life of parts. In addition, the common causes of over-load work of drying equipment are the increase of dew point at outlet, the increase of compressed air handling capacity, the increase of inlet temperature or the decrease of inlet pressure.

When the drying equipment has load failure, it should reduce the load of the machine, work under the machine's affordability, and rest half an hour every day when the equipment works 20 hours, and some daily maintenance such as heat engine can reduce the occurrence of such failure.

P>3. Regenerative failure is caused by insufficient regenerative energy consumption. Its remarkable characteristics are: low exhaust temperature of regeneration tail gas, condensation of tail gas with water, muffler or exhaust valve, lower exterior temperature of regeneration tower than ambient temperature or "condensation of exterior wall"; while the hidden disadvantage is "condensation in tower" - that is, due to insufficient supply of energy carrier (drying equipment), the desorbed water can not be discharged completely in the prescribed time, and residual water during cooling. Steam condenses into liquid water in the adsorption bed, which is extremely harmful. Practice shows that many "difficult and complicated diseases" occurring in the operation of drying equipment are almost related to "insufficient energy consumption of regeneration". Reproductive faults of

are difficult to deal with because of their strong concealment, long latency time and mixed with human factors (such as "regret" psychology) or proactive factors (such as improper selection). This kind of fault has great harm to the operation and overall performance of drying equipment. Increasing the energy consumption of regeneration is the most direct and effective way to deal with such failures.

4. Limited faults are some electronic components on the main control circuit. Limited by semiconductor materials, the anti-jamming ability is poor. When the electronic components are affected by strong magnetic field, strong electric field and external force, failure, delay, damage and other faults will occur. The prevention of these faults is greater than the inspection. We should observe the display frequently and find out the problems and maintain them in time. With the continuous innovation of drying technology in China, microwave drying has become a trend, and the unique environmental protection and energy saving technology of microwave equipment has been recognized by people.

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