The overall level of microwave drying equipment in China has been greatly improved!

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: Through the efforts of the past two decades, the development and production level of microwave drying equipment in China has been greatly improved, the design is more and more reasonable, the quality is improved, the cost is gradually reduced, the degree of automation and after-sales service are improved. Feedback from users of microwave drying equipment in recent years shows that the quality of the equipment is too hard, the technology upgrade is fast, and the satisfaction degree of microwave drying equipment is increasing rapidly.

has achieved good market benefits in microwave drying equipment, which is inseparable from its economic benefits. Its economic effects are in the leading position in terms of energy consumption, productivity, labor force, product quality, occupancy, production conditions, operating costs and technical level.

In some occasions, the direct economic benefit is not obvious, and even the cost is increased, such as microwave sterilization of food by equipment. The cost seems to increase with the addition of a process, but the overall benefit is still good due to the prolongation of fresh-keeping period and the reduction of commodity losses, and the social benefit to people's health is more commendable.

P>Microwave drying equipment can be used to estimate microwave power according to the difference between initial and final moisture content of the material to be treated and the requirement of output. According to the investment cost of microwave equipment, the initial cost is estimated and the economic benefit is calculated. In most cases, due to the outstanding energy-saving effect of microwave application, the direct benefit is very obvious.

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