Industrial drying, energy saving and environmental protection, is imperative!

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: With the continuous development of industry, resource and environmental problems are becoming increasingly prominent. What are the most energy-saving drying equipments in industrial drying?

Environment is the basis for our survival. The harsh environment can only make our bodies suffer from diseases and seriously threaten the health of our future generations. Therefore, industrial environmental protection has become the primary task of domestic industrial development. How to make industry green and how to make industry form? A virtuous circle is a question worth pondering.

There are also non-renewable resources. The excessive exploitation of oil, natural gas and coal makes the surplus of these resources small, and the domestic demand just needs to be imported from abroad, so the development of new energy is also imminent. Industrial microwave drying equipment developed by Henan microwave for this situation is the most energy-saving and environmental protection drying equipment in China at present.

Traditional drying equipment releases heat through the combustion of fuel, which acts on the drying of materials through heat transfer. At the same time, it consumes coal resources and discharges polluted gases into the air. The new type of microwave drying equipment converts electricity into microwave energy, which directly acts on the drying of materials. Compared with the traditional drying equipment, the energy conversion rate increased by 5 to 8 times. And there is no combustion, no emissions of polluted gases. In this way, industrial drying has realized the development of a virtuous cycle of environmental protection and energy saving. I believe that microwave drying equipment will change the fate of industrial drying in the world and give us a clean sky!

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