Market Price Analysis of Small Dryer Equipment

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: Small dryer equipment with low prices, low investment costs and other advantages quickly occupied the domestic market of small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users. From the sales situation of small dryers in the domestic market, the proportion of small dryers accounts for the majority, most of which are customers whose output is less than 8 tons per day. Of course, different drying materials, the amount of each day is also very different. At present, there are many dryer manufacturers in China, and the total output in China is also very large. Some dryers of enterprises have reached the export level. This is a good situation for the dryer Market in our country. Of course, most of the small dryer manufacturers have small production scale, low technology content and low product grade. They just imitate each other in order to gain profits in this new industry. How can small dryer equipment occupy the market?

Small dryer price is not high, so that more users have a lot of choice space, if investing in large equipment, there are many uncertainties, investment income is not assured because of caution, more users finally invest in small dryer. With the penetration of industrial and information development into rural areas and northwest areas, the demand proportion of relatively underdeveloped areas such as northwest, southwest and northeast, as well as tertiary and tertiary cities is also rising.

dryers are usually simple and reliable in structure, and the lower the cost, the stronger the vitality of the equipment. For example, professional microwave dryers strive to have simple structure. Rotary design of dryer is one of the important links to embody this "simple and reliable" design concept. The design of rotational structure of dryer in domestic and foreign enterprises is different. Through continuous evolution, many kinds of dryer are divided, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The dryer is mainly composed of rotary body, lifting plate, transmission device, supporting device and sealing ring. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, excellent manufacture, high output, low energy consumption and convenient operation.

At present, domestic dryer technology is in a relatively stable state, technology is also constantly developing and innovating, small-scale production enterprises do not have after-sales service, malicious price war in order to survive, resulting in a vicious circle in the market. If the domestic market can compete through the industry technology and take the road of combining strength with strength and eliminating the fittest, then the Chinese dryer industry will surely have leaders to lead our equipment into the world market and achieve world brand!

Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. reminds you that before purchasing the dryer, you must visit the manufacturer and inspect the strength of the manufacturer before purchasing it!


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