What are the factors that determine the type of drying equipment?

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: Drying has become one of the indispensable links in China's industrial production. The drying of semi-finished materials can effectively improve the efficiency of dewatering links in the production process, save waiting time and increase the production capacity of enterprises. In industrial production, not all materials can use general drying equipment. Generally speaking, drying equipment is not a national standard product. For enterprises, customization according to their needs is the most suitable. So what factors determine the type of drying equipment?

1, the purpose of material drying-what is the purpose of drying materials in production?

The forms of drying materials in industrial production vary greatly, the most primitive forms are liquid, paste, filter cake, powder, granular, block, etc. How do you usually choose?

First, consider the drying effect, which is also the basis of the selection of drying equipment. After drying, it must have a good quality and effect, at least to achieve the desired effect.

Again, considering the cost of drying, the cost of drying must be low, once the cost is too high, the competitiveness of the product will be poor, so the significance of drying is not great.

Finally, the drying time is considered. In fact, the drying time is also called the drying cost. Only by saving labor cost efficiently can the production cost be reduced.

2, analysis and judgment of drying conditions-in the drying process of production, considering a series of characteristics such as material characteristics, water content and so on.

Firstly, the humidity of materials and the characteristic values after expected drying should be counted, especially the thermal sensitivity of materials and the change of moisture content of materials. The former is the first condition to determine the temperature of heat source, and the latter is directly related to the volume of dryer. The key points of rigid dehydration before drying can be applied to reduce the moisture content of drying materials to a minimum, which will make it better to reduce the moisture content of drying materials. The drying process is more economical;

and then the drying equipment manufacturers are inspected on the spot, and take their own materials to do relevant experiments to see whether the equipment is suitable for the production and use of enterprises. As for the heat source of drying equipment, some conditions will affect the thermal efficiency of dryers. Therefore, drying equipment should be selected according to the characteristics of their own materials and purchasing power, and the comprehensive funds for drying should be controlled in a minimum range.

3. The choice of accessories for equipment production line-as accessories for drying equipment production line, there are usually cooling modes and transmission modes

firstly, cooling modes, usually air-cooled and water-cooled. Air cooling is to reduce equipment temperature through air circulation, while water cooling is to cool equipment through liquid circulation. Generally speaking, the effect of water cooling is much better, but relative to the cost will also be slightly improved, after all, the production process of water cooling is relatively troublesome.

and then the transmission mode, the drying equipment production line with a variety of modes of transmission. Material wet state is generally different as follows: liquid and slurry material; snowflake material; frozen material; short fibre material; paste material; material of definite size; powder body material; continuous sheet material; block material; coating material.

4. Selection of drying equipment production process-drying link is only a part of production. There are many constraints on how to make the production become smooth. First of all, if the process before and after production is automatic and continuous, the drying equipment should be continuous, and the feeding device should be added. In this way, the continuity and automation of industrial production are realized.

Thirdly, because the batch of the same material is too large, continuous drying equipment is recommended. Continuous drying equipment has much more processing capacity, high utilization rate of heat source, simple operation, controllable temperature, and can change materials at any time.

Finally, according to the size of the site, the size of the site determines the appearance of the equipment, as well as the indoor environment and so on.

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