Development Forecast of China's Microwave Drying Equipment in Pharmaceutical Industry from 2014 to 2020

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: With the development of society, China's GDP is growing rapidly, and people's consumption concept is constantly changing. More and more attention is paid to health and health. Drugs and health products have become indispensable in people's lives, making "conscience medicine and reassurance medicine" the first choice of people. With the intensification of national drug supervision, more and more pharmaceutical enterprises have strict requirements on the hygiene of the pharmaceutical process and strict inspection, so that people can use real reassurance drugs. Drug drying is particularly important in the pharmaceutical process. The application of microwave in the pharmaceutical industry makes drugs in the production process like fish getting water, high efficiency can also meet the national health standards.

At present, microwave drying and sterilization equipment in China has taken shape in the pharmaceutical industry. Some large pharmaceutical enterprises have already carried out technological transformation and introduced microwave drying and sterilization equipment. With the continuous development of microwave drying industry, microwave drying technology is becoming more and more mature. At present, China's export of microwave drying equipment is increasing day by day, mainly in the United States, the Middle East and other places. With the increasing market demand, microwave drying sterilization technology will be more and more perfect. There are hundreds of drying equipment manufacturers in China. Every enterprise wants to share in the drying field. The imitation of shape and technology has become a vicious circle in the market. When the equipment is in trouble, the irresponsible attitude of immature enterprises towards customer service makes people biased against microwave and think that microwave is deceptive. In this microwave reminds the vast number of enterprise users, when choosing and purchasing microwave equipment, we must be cautious and cautious. First, we should do an experiment with the equipment of our own material manufacturers. Then we should examine the strength of the enterprise and sign the after-sales service contract.

The traditional medicine dryer uses coal as fuel to burn and generates clean hot air as drying medium to absorb moisture in traditional Chinese medicine, remove humid air that reaches a certain moisture content, and circulate to and fro to meet the moisture requirement of traditional Chinese medicine. It is characterized by time-consuming, laborious, incomplete drying requirements of medicinal materials, poor sterility, and pollution of the environment with coal as fuel. Therefore, the emergence of new technology is very necessary. The emergence of microwave technology appropriately meets the drying requirements of medicinal materials, and also conforms to the current popular theme of environmental protection.

Next comes the development of microwave equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. At present, most of the most advanced microwave technology is in the hands of large-scale microwave equipment manufacturers and University researchers. The national incentive policy for emerging technologies is very beneficial to the development of microwave drying technology. Similarly, enterprises need to spend a lot of manpower and material resources on the continuous development and research of technology experiments, which can not be completed overnight. Microwave carries this dream of energy saving and environmental protection, which is of great significance to the healthy development of human beings.

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