Resolving Municipal Waste by Microwave Equipment-Taking the Road of Sustainable Development of Urbanization

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: At present, about 500 tons of garbage are produced every day in big cities in China. At present, most of the garbage disposal methods are landfill and incineration for power generation, which is unsustainable for environmental protection in any case. After a large number of experimental studies, it is found that if the waste is put into microwave equipment for high temperature cracking, it will completely bid farewell to the emission of waste gas. Microwave irradiation on polar molecules can make them run at high speed and generate heat. The principle is the same as that of microwave oven heating. In large-scale microwave equipment, there is no oxygen, no waste sintering emissions, and flammable gases (methane, etc.) and fuel oil can be produced after pyrolysis. The solid part will travel activated carbon. The whole treatment process realizes the full resource utilization of garbage.

Through continuous experimental tests, a ton of waste will produce 30 kg of combustible gas, 30-50 kg of fuel oil and some solid activated carbon under the irradiation of 700 degrees high temperature of microwave equipment. Considering the value, a ton of waste will also produce more than 300 yuan of value.

Sustainable urban development is the ultimate way for our urban development. Although microwave equipment can not bring us much profit in garbage disposal, at least it can help us dispose of garbage, and also recycle energy, this has formed a benign development. With the continuous improvement of science and technology, the amount of microwave equipment not batched will continue in the future. Expansion to 100 tons at a time is definitely not a problem, we will have a better way to solve the current garbage problem.

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