Microwave Food Drying Equipment Leads the Food Drying Industry

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: The traditional way of drying food drying equipment usually uses hot air circulation to carry out heat transfer to take away moisture from materials. In this process, not only the material should be turned evenly, the moisture emission should be smooth and rapid, but also the temperature and pressure of hot air should be ensured. It is very necessary to operate the technology. Generally speaking, only by mastering the balance of each stage can the quality and efficiency of drying be guaranteed and low cost and high productivity be realized. Through decades of efforts, the research and development of microwave drying equipment in China has reached a certain level. Especially, the company has spent a lot of manpower and material resources to make a great contribution to the research of microwave drying technology. The development of microwave drying equipment, not only from the drying process of equipment to the overall equipment structure, prolong the service life of equipment, but also to reduce production costs, so that everyone can use microwave food drying equipment. What are the advantages of microwave food drying equipment?

Microwave food drying equipment can be operated according to customers'wishes in the process of using. The basic parameters of microwave food drying equipment can be set according to the characteristics of different foods, different moisture content and different dehydration amount. The initial cost of microwave equipment can be estimated according to the investment cost of microwave equipment, so as to calculate the economic benefits. In most cases, due to the outstanding energy-saving effect of microwave application, the direct benefit is very obvious.

has achieved good market benefits in microwave baking equipment, which is inseparable from the economic benefits. Its economic effects are in the leading position in terms of energy consumption, productivity, labor force, product quality, occupancy, working conditions, operating costs and technical level. Microwave vacuum drying equipment has positive significance in prolonging the shelf life of food, preserving the original flavor and nutrient components of food, preserving the physiological activity of raw materials, enhancing the function of health food and increasing the added value of agricultural products, so it has a broad application in food industry and agricultural products processing industry. With the increasing demand for high-end food and agricultural by-products in the market, the application prospect of microwave vacuum drying technology is also full of infinite bright

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