Microwave Puffing Technology of Pigskin to Change Leather into Food Material

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan microwave equipment network news: China produces about 600 million pigskin every year, mostly used to make leather, today we will use some of the pigskin puffing technology for food processing. Through scientific research, it was found that pigskin contained 26.4% protein and 87.8% collagen. Frequent consumption can supplement human blood, moisturize skin and gloss hair, and improve microcirculation and metabolism of cells. Following is a kind of processing technology of expanded pigskin, which has low investment and long storage period. It can be used as a reference for rural township enterprises and professional households.

1. Selection of raw materials: Pigskin after depilation from meat joint plant can be selected, requiring no epidemic disease, scar, fragmentary or intact pigskin without damage.

P>2. Pre-baking treatment: after material selection according to material quality requirements. First of all, the fresh pigskin was soaked in saturated lime water and 1% sodium sulfite solution for 30 minutes to reduce the fat rate. It can slow down the increase of carbonyl matrix, improve the color and prolong the shelf life of expanded skin during storage. Brush with bamboo brush or plastic brush to remove dirt, sediment and sundries on the surface and scrape off residual hair. Cut the scars and scars, drain the water, and cut small pieces 1.5-2 cm long and 0.5 cm wide with a knife for spare use.

3. Dehydration and puffing: Microwave pork skin puffing equipment can quickly puffing pigskin, automatic control in the production process, and there is no lampblack. At present, it is the most energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. At present, many customers in the market all over the country have adopted microwave pigskin expansion equipment. Customers used to complain that frying pigskin was not only slow and expensive, but also had too much fume, which affected the taste of the expanded pigskin. The use of microwave pigskin expanding equipment greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor input, thus greatly saving production costs.

P>4. Sealed packing: When the temperature drops below 20 degrees, pack immediately to avoid moisture absorption and reduce the crispness of expanded pigskin. Fill in plastic food bags and store in a sealed dry place. The nutritive value of pork skin expanded by microwave equipment is high, which is a rare delicacy on the table. This will greatly increase the value of pigskin and benefit mankind.

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