Why are small dryers so popular?

- May 08, 2019 -

Why are small-scale drying equipment so popular? This requires analysis of the characteristics of small-scale drying equipment from many aspects, so what are the unique advantages of small-scale drying machine?

drying machine is an industrial equipment to meet the drying process, with the development of the times, more and more production industries need drying equipment to replace the conventional drying process. The change of drying equipment from small to large and then to small is a trend of market demand.

Small drying equipment has won the favor of many small enterprises because of its convenient operation, low price and mobility. So what kind of small-scale drying equipment can be applied to those enterprises?

Generally speaking, the output of small-scale drying equipment is limited, with several hundred kilograms of each feed. Can be dried some pills, chrysanthemums, roses, honeysuckle, or traditional Chinese medicine. And the powder industry, some silicon powder, zirconia and other multi-purpose products. Recently, due to weather reasons, many users with small production of flowers, grain, jujube, Chinese herbal medicine, mushrooms, seafood and other small-scale products come to consult some of the situation of small-scale drying equipment. Henan customizes the equipment according to the drying capacity of users to meet the daily production needs of customers.

What are the disadvantages of the small drying equipment? Usually, the small drying equipment is box-shaped, with pallets in it. Material can be rotated in the pallet for uniform drying, and the effect is good. However, small quantity is its inevitable disadvantage and can not be used as a part of the production line. Large-scale production lines usually use continuous drying equipment, which can realize the whole process of automated production.

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