Microwave drying equipment to solve the problem of ceramic drying!

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: In recent years, the application of microwave drying equipment has been expanding. Because of the excellent characteristics of microwave drying equipment, experts are very happy to study the field of microwave drying. Microwave is green and environmentally friendly for Industry and beneficial for mankind. Recently, experts have obtained some academic research results and concluded that microwave drying equipment is very suitable in the production of ceramics industry, which can effectively solve some difficult problems of traditional ceramics drying.

Generally speaking, the raw materials of honeycomb ceramics are added 15-20% water, which can not be transported and processed after extrusion. Without rapid drying operation, the original shape will no longer exist, so it must be quickly dried and finalized. This requires high efficiency of drying method, and microwave is just a high efficiency drying method, which is a great impact on the traditional drying process.

For daily-use ceramics products, the wall thickness and dispersibility are large, and some products are large and thin. Whether wet forming or dry pressing process is used, transportation and processing must be carried out, which is easy to cause deformation and cracking under the condition of insufficient strength of products. Therefore, the strength inhomogeneity and thermal stress caused by traditional drying and drying methods will bury hidden dangers for subsequent processing. For these microwave drying equipment, which can effectively solve the manufacturing problems in industry, what are the characteristics of microwave drying equipment for the ceramic industry?

(1) Products can quickly remove excess moisture due to simultaneous heating inside and outside. The microwave generated by this heating method can make the molecules friction with each other and generate shock wave heat energy, which can be effectively absorbed by the molecules, thus eliminating the thermal stress caused by non-uniform heating and eliminating the hidden danger of sintering.

(2) The product is convenient, simple and easy to operate in drying and drying, and is not subject to the change of ambient humidity and temperature. At the same time, it saves time and shortens production cycle compared with traditional drying process. The application of microwave in drying honeycomb ceramics shows that the drying time can be shortened by 60% and the energy consumption can be reduced. According to incomplete statistics from relevant departments of the state, the capacity of building ceramics in China has reached 5 billion M2 by the end of 2008, ranking first in the world steadily. However, although the production mode of our country has been greatly improved, it is still in a low energy utilization rate. The production state with serious environmental pollution will inevitably lead to the disadvantageous situation of high production cost, unbalanced product quality and weak market competitiveness. Therefore, we will analyze this problem from the energy cost and propose corresponding solutions.

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