How can microwave drying equipment turn sludge into fertilizer?

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: Microwave drying can transform fresh sewage sludge into products that can be stored and distributed. Microwave drying uses the characteristics of microwave internal heating and the negative pressure convection formed by the exhaust fan to accelerate the drying. The exhaust system of microwave drying equipment can convection to take away water on the one hand, and on the other hand, form negative pressure in the dryer to prevent the evaporation of odorous gases. The drying products are loose and easy to be broken into granular fertilizers. The characteristics of microwave low temperature heating and uniform heating can achieve the effect of energy saving and sterilization, and realize clean production. The selection of sludge drying process is based on the following most important conditions:

P>P>1 energy supply and cost

P>2 location, plant site

P>3 further use of sludge. The advantages of sludge drying process must meet the following requirements:

P>P>minimum pollutant discharge

P>P>2. With the help of residual moisture and particle size, a certain amount of products can be further used

P>3. Cleaner products can be produced with minimum energy consumption

P>4. Lower material and skill requirements for operation and management

P>P>and the minimum capital investment. The heat requirement for sludge drying usually includes 2.26MJ/KG vapor enthalpy (relative to evaporated water) and the enthalpy difference of heating sludge, such as from 30 to 100 C. The maximum share of evaporation heat is calculated according to the percentage of actual evaporation water. Heat loss depends on the type of process used. The left figure of Fig. 2 shows the energy flow of conventional convection dryer. The heat loss is mainly determined by potential vaporization heat loss and actual heat loss in flue gas. The heat carried in flue gas needs to be convected to the medium around the material, and then transferred from the outer layer to the inner layer to evaporate the water in the flue gas. This process requires more energy and time. At the same time, a large amount of sensible heat loss in the outlet gas greatly reduces its thermal efficiency.

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