Sludge regeneration into fertilizer, microwave equipment is widely used!

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: Sewage sludge is an inevitable secondary pollutant in the process of biochemical wastewater treatment, and its high moisture content and difficult dehydration become the main obstacles to its treatment and utilization. Microwave is applied to drying equipment industry, which makes sludge regeneration and granular fertilizer.

P>There are more than 300 municipal wastewater treatment plants in China, and the daily capacity of sewage treatment reaches more than 10 million tons. The daily output of dry sludge is 2200-3200 tons, while the annual discharge of municipal sewage in China is nearly 20 billion tons. In the next few years, the sewage treatment facilities and treatment level will be greatly improved, and the annual output of sludge will be very astonishing.

Microwave environmental protection technology is a new cross-technology of microwave processing technology and environmental resource recycling technology. It is an energy-saving and efficiency-enhancing clean technology, which can be used to treat infectious wastes, eliminate soil pollution, and produce environmental protection materials. How to dispose of the increasing sludge effectively is one of the most concerned topics in the field of environmental engineering, which neither makes the cost too high nor causes secondary pollution to the environment. An effective disposal method should take into account the balance between environmental and ecological benefits and disposal costs. From the current situation at home and abroad, sludge disposal is mostly used in agriculture, landfill, incineration and so on. Sludge is a very effective biological resource, which contains abundant nutrients beneficial to plant growth and a large number of organic substances. The total nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contained in the sludge are similar to those in the stables, so the agricultural use of sludge has attracted widespread attention in various countries. Sludge can be dried into granular fertilizer or mixed fertilizer with chemical fertilizer to enter the market for sale. It is safe, convenient to use and can balance the cost of sludge disposal. Sludge fertilizer for agricultural use is in line with the worldwide trend of thought of waste reuse, and may be a preferred final disposal option. Therefore, the development of new and efficient sludge drying and fertilization technology is one of the important ways to solve the problem of sludge outlet in municipal sewage treatment plants and to promote sludge reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization. Drying can transform fresh sludge into products that can be stored and dispersed. The selection of drying process needs to consider the minimum investment, minimum energy consumption and minimum pollutant emissions to produce cleaner products for further use. At the same time, lower material and skill requirements are required for operation and management. At present, the formed sludge drying equipment has contact dryer and convective dryer, which have their own characteristics. Some researchers have also developed infrared dryers, jet combustion dryers and so on.

Microwave drying equipment and sterilization technology will be applied to small and medium-sized sewage sludge in-situ treatment and fertilization, which will have the advantages of fast, high efficiency, high recovery rate of environmental resources, time-saving, energy-saving and low cost. Therefore, the development of small-scale microwave drying sludge filter cake manufacturing granular fertilizer equipment will have broad application prospects.

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