The Inevitable Trend of Drying Equipment Development

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: After China's accession to the WTO, more international counterparts will enter the domestic market. Other drying equipment manufacturers have set up branches in China to seize the Chinese market. With the intensification of international competition, we will face tremendous competition pressure.

With the continuous expansion of domestic buyer market, some enterprises strive to meet the market demand and make profits, thus forming drying equipment products to follow the trend and imitate each other. They have not fundamentally improved their drying level. Enterprises focus on products with more market demand and mature in the near future. There is still a certain gap between drying technology of our country and that of foreign countries, one of the main manifestations is that energy-saving technology is not perfect. At present, there are not many combined drying equipments in our country, but they are often seen in foreign literature, and the combination forms are various. Promoting combined drying technology in our country can solve the problem of energy saving well, which will become the development trend of domestic drying equipment in the future. Energy saving and emission reduction is the inevitable trend of China's environmental development. Industrial development will inevitably bring about pollution. The policy of who pollutes and who controls pollution has not kept up with the speed of pollution. Therefore, enterprises are blessed to save energy and reduce environmental pollution.

after many years of research, many experts have proved that spraying hot air convection drying at the early stage of drying process can reduce the cost and achieve the expected drying effect. However, during the later stage of drying process, the drying rate of ordinary spray drying is significantly reduced, and it is difficult to further dry the material, while microwave drying can still maintain a higher drying rate. Therefore, in the later stage of drying process, microwave drying can improve energy efficiency and achieve the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction.

Microwave drying will become the trend of industrial drying in the future, Henan will also carry out the project of benefiting the country and the people to the end!

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