Sterilization of drying belt of fish and shrimp dryer to simplify production process

- May 08, 2019 -

According to the characteristics of high fat content and easy surface ripening of fish and shrimp, Henan microwave drying technicians tailored fish and shrimp drying machine (microwave drying equipment). After that, Henan Province carried out repeated tests. During the drying process of fish and shrimp, it can not only dry efficiently, but also sterilize fish and shrimp, which shortens the working process and greatly improves the production efficiency of enterprises.

At the same time, experts also pay for the different amount of drying for enterprises, which can tailor-made different power drying equipment for enterprises.

Microwave equipment has been applied and promoted in many fields of food industry, including the drying and sterilization of seafood spices (kelp, laver, fish, shrimp) and the thawing of seafood frozen products. The advantages of the equipment are as follows:

P>1, short time and fast speed.

P>2, sterilizing thoroughly, and sterilizing, drying and mildew-proof at the same time.

P>3.The quality of the product is good. After microwave drying and sterilization, seafood products have good sense and bright color, which can greatly ensure the nutritional composition of raw materials and extend the shelf life of materials.

P>4, safe and harmless, pollution-free. Almost no microwave leakage, no radioactive residues and harmful gas emissions.

5. The drying equipment is simple, the technology is advanced, the control is easy, the occupied area is saved, the energy is saved, and the working conditions are improved.

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