Convenience of Rubber Microwave Dryer for Rubber Vulcanization

- May 08, 2019 -

In industry, vulcanized rubber is also called ripe rubber, which has high elasticity, heat resistance, tensile strength and insolubility in organic solvents. Because of its superiority, it is widely used in industry and life. Microwave drying equipment is indispensable in the processing of vulcanized rubber. Characteristics of rubber microwave drying equipment:

Short drying time, fast drying speed, safety, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving. It does not damage the latex products, does not deform, and maintains the primary color. Used for rapid drying of latex mattress, pillow, foamed cotton and other rubber products.

Microwave drying equipment parameters

1. Using steel plate spraying furnace chamber, the design cost is economical and feasible

2. Using metal pallet, it can bear more than 100 kg, and it can be suitable for environment over 100 degrees

3. Microwave power can be set freely, according to the amount of processing, appropriate power can be selected to avoid energy waste

4, setting 10 kW hot air to maintain rubber vulcanization. Environmental temperature

5, temperature sensor is used to control appropriate drying temperature

6, microwave leakage is in line with the national standard

7, and equipment with larger processing capacity can be designed according to customer requirements

Because of its large volume and high power density, our R&D Department has carefully calculated and reasonably designed a series of microwave high temperature sintering equipment. The largest equipment produced is 150KW microwave output power, and the customer's response is very satisfactory.

Henan Microwave Equipment Liability Co., Ltd. specializes in microwave field. It has advanced technology, careful equipment designers, complete after-sales service system and customized microwave drying equipment, high temperature sintering equipment, electric oven, expander, and other drying equipment for the majority of enterprises. Welcome the leaders of enterprises to visit and guide us.

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