Development and Advantages and Disadvantages of Vacuum Drying Equipment

- May 08, 2019 -

The emergence of drying equipment in the 1950s and its unique advantages in food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. With the continuous development of drying technology, the technical level of industrial production and the continuous improvement of consumer requirements, also put forward higher technical requirements for drying equipment. The relationship between drying equipment and various industries is getting closer and closer. Continuous improvement of their own technology to meet more industries is a huge problem facing our drying industry. At present, the production of drying equipment in China still lags far behind that in other countries. However, the advantages of domestic equipment are gradually being established and the dominance of domestic market is basically realized. Vacuum drying equipment will become the mainstream of market demand. China's desiccant industry must greatly improve the technology level, improve drying efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to the realization of green production. So let's know the details of vacuum drying equipment. In many synthetic processes of chemical and pharmaceutical products (intermediates or final products), solid particles are suspended in liquids and need to be separated from the slurry at a certain stage. Firstly, solid is separated from liquid by mechanical solid-liquid separation equipment, such as filter centrifuge, vacuum (or pressure) filter, settler, filter press and static thickener. In order to select the best type of mechanical separation equipment for a certain process, vacuum drying equipment technology is mainly determined by solid properties, productivity and operation mode. However, the product quality requirement can not be met by only one mechanical solid-liquid separation step, because it is impossible to remove all liquids by mechanical force alone. According to the difference of products and equipment, the humidity of products discharged from centrifuges or filters is generally in the range of 5%-80%(weight). Therefore, after the mechanical solid-liquid separation is completed, it is generally necessary to separate the remaining liquid in the solid through the thermodynamic solid-liquid separation step. This step is often referred to as "drying".

Vacuum drying equipment has many advantages: low oxygen content during drying at low pressure can prevent oxidative deterioration of dried materials and can dry flammable and explosive dangerous products; can vaporize moisture in materials at low temperature, easy to dry heat-sensitive materials; can recover valuable and useful ingredients in dried materials; can prevent the discharge of toxic and harmful substances in dried materials, and can become a ring. Keep type green and dry. Therefore, the application of vacuum drying equipment is increasingly widespread. The main disadvantage of

vacuum drying equipment is the need for a vacuum system capable of pumping steam, which makes the equipment expensive in investment and operation, low in production efficiency and low in output. In order to overcome these shortcomings, many scientists and technicians have made a lot of efforts. At the same time, due to the advantages of vacuum drying, some products have to use vacuum drying equipment. Therefore, the development of vacuum drying equipment will have a bright future. The evaporation temperature of the liquid contained in the product is an important driving force to change the drying effect of the product. The temperature of the vacuum drying equipment depends on the process pressure. Lowering the process pressure and lowering the evaporation temperature can bring many benefits, especially for contact drying. There is no need to design an ideal drying system that operates only at the lowest pressure and the highest allowable temperature, as this will require large and expensive peripherals. The system is generally designed as a self-regulating pressure vessel. That is to say, condensers and vacuum devices are suitable for handling high steam flow at higher pressures, and the pressure decreases when the drying capacity decreases.

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