Chinese medicine drying will eventually move towards standardization, legalization and standardization

- May 08, 2019 -

The industrialization of modern Chinese medicine has become a strategic development plan for China's economic development. To realize the modernization of Chinese medicine production, we must inherit the traditional Chinese medicine production technology scientifically and reasonably, and develop the most reasonable drying equipment to solve the drying problem of Chinese medicine according to the characteristics of Chinese medicine. The drying of Chinese herbal medicines will gradually move towards standardization, legalization and standardization, and establish a post-harvest drying system of Chinese herbal medicines in line with international standards and in line with China's national conditions. At present, the drying process of Chinese herbal medicine manufacturers is generally characterized by high drying temperature and serious loss of active ingredients. In addition, there are still some problems such as unreasonable drying process and equipment design, excessive energy consumption and so on. With the introduction of the new version of GMP, if pharmaceutical manufacturers in China want to pass the new version of GMP certification, they must change their equipment, remove the old process, put on new equipment, and build new factories to pass the GMP certification.

After the development of recent years, the drying process of large pharmaceutical enterprises in China has become more and more rational and standardized. Microwave drying equipment has been consistently used for the drying of traditional Chinese medicine pills, powder, granules and capsules. This may also be related to the promotion of relevant manufacturers, major pharmaceutical manufacturers know the advantages of microwave drying process. As a result, microwave drying equipment is more and more widely used in pharmaceutical enterprises. What are the advantages of using microwave drying equipment?

1. Continuous operation can be achieved and more seamless connection with other processes can be achieved.

2. The drying effect is better and more uniform;

P>3. Because of the high drying efficiency and short drying time of microwave, more effective ingredients are retained in traditional Chinese medicines.

P>4. Microwave drying process is non-contact, so it is more clean and pollution-free.

P>5, more flexible operation, saving manpower costs.

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