Market Prospect of Microwave Drying Equipment

- May 08, 2019 -

The application scope of microwave drying equipment and its broad scope are blank in most fields now. China has a vast territory, but the vast areas south of the Yangtze River are in high temperature and humidity all the year round or most of the season. The relative humidity in the area is not low, but many materials, especially food, still need to be dried quickly in the process of processing to ensure its freshness and quality. Nowadays, many agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products and fruits are dried rapidly in deep processing technology, which is solved by burning diesel oil to heat air or electric heating to produce far-infrared radiation. Although the operation cost of diesel heating is low, its drying time is long and its efficiency is low. In addition, diesel fuel which can not be fully burned in the combustion chamber and harmful delays in the combustion process cause environmental pollution. Some foods are even contaminated in such an environment, which endangers people's health after being eaten. Therefore, the development of microwave drying equipment with perfect performance and advanced technology can undoubtedly solve this problem. At present, the drying technology of various industries in our country basically stays at the level of far-infrared drying. Far-infrared radiation is a kind of electromagnetic radiation with a very high frequency and a wavelength of 5.6-1000um. Because of its extremely high frequency, radiation produces a strong abdominal effect on materials. Energy always acts on the surface of materials, often appearing in the external focus when the temperature is high. In order to avoid this defect, low-temperature drying should be adopted to prolong the drying cycle greatly, which makes it difficult to match the high-efficiency production of various materials, especially in the continuous mass production process, when the rapid drying of materials is required, this contradiction becomes more prominent. However, the frequency of microwave radiation is lower than that of far infrared radiation. As long as the appropriate microwave output power is selected, this problem can be solved very well. The radiation source of microwave drying equipment, which converts from power frequency (50HZ) to microwave frequency, is inefficient (about 60%), but because of the rapid drying speed of microwave, the drying cycle is greatly shortened, and its comprehensive efficiency is very high.

In the past, microwave drying equipment was only used for dried fruit products, mountain products and aquatic products with high economic value because of the high cost of electricity heating. However, with the rising oil price and the abundant power supply, microwave drying will be the best choice in terms of operation cost. And now there are low-cost, long-life, high reliability microwave devices on the market. The performance-price ratio of high-power microwave drying equipment has been accepted by the majority of users, and laid a solid foundation for the development of microwave drying equipment.

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