Microwave Makes Food Drying Equipment More Competitive in the Market

- May 08, 2019 -

< P > The 23rd China International Food Processing Equipment and Packaging Machinery Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou in 2014. With the rapid development of the food industry, more and more food industries have been handed over. The last exhibition of food processing machinery includes: drying equipment, filling sterilization equipment, storage and transportation equipment, concentration equipment and dozens of other food processing equipment. There are also some food packaging machinery, food safety testing instruments. The development of drying equipment in China's food industry has gone through a long period of time, from the introduction of foreign technology to the mature use of drying technology in the food industry, and in the process of development has also achieved some development results. However, in recent two years, the overall growth rate of drying equipment industry has slowed down due to the fierce competition in the drying equipment industry, the backward technology abroad and the lack of innovation consciousness. Today, innovation is becoming more and more important, the method of competing for customers by price is no longer effective. With the growth and accumulation of drying equipment industry and the maturity of the market, the competition among enterprises becomes more intense, and the technological content of food drying equipment occupies a dominant position in the competition.

Microwave experts believe that the requirements for drying equipment are relatively high in the field of food, and there are specific requirements for the material, structure and processing quality of drying equipment used, as well as strict hygienic requirements for drying equipment and drying system. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly innovate technology to meet the increasing demand in the field of application, which is also a breakthrough in China's food drying equipment industry. The road that development must take. The field of

food provides a large market space for drying equipment, but at present the development of drying equipment in China is relatively slow, the fundamental reason is that the level of technological innovation is not enough. Enterprise technological innovation is the fundamental driving force of structural adjustment. Without technological innovation of enterprises and product innovation of enterprises, there will be no adjustment of product structure, nor of economic structure at the meso and macro levels. If we really want to promote the adjustment of economic structure, we must make great efforts to further promote technological innovation of enterprises and provide good guarantee for enterprises to better engage in technological innovation. However, at this stage, the innovation ability of food drying equipment manufacturers in China is generally low, and there are few enterprises that can launch new technologies and new products with independent intellectual property rights, which leads to the slow development of drying technology. One of the reasons is that knowledge achievements have not been effectively translated into real productivity. At present, the research and innovation of drying equipment technology mainly depends on universities and research institutes. Because of the disconnection with enterprises, knowledge achievements are difficult to effectively translate into the productivity of enterprises. Experts in Henan Province pointed out that the application of microwave drying equipment in the field of food processing is a high-end technology at present, and it is also the development trend in the next few years. It is the responsibility of every employee in Henan Province to apply the technology and equipment to the food processing industry and create more wealth for the society.

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