Xiaobian and you to explore the next microwave sterilization technology drops

- May 08, 2019 -

< P > Today, Xiaobian looked back at his previous updates. Suddenly, it was found that all the articles were about drying materials by microwave drying equipment. But microwave drying is not only the effect of microwave drying, but also the sterilization effect of microwave can not be ignored. So today Xiaobian will come to discuss with you about microwave sterilization. Microwave sterilization technology was used in

, which mainly utilized the combined effects of thermal and non-thermal effects of microwave. Because of the effect of microwave, the temperature inside the material rises sharply, so some bacteria can be killed by thermal effect. At the same time of heating, the non-thermal effect of microwave also acts on microorganisms. Microwave can act on polar molecules in microorganisms, such as water molecules, proteins and so on. It can cause polar bond breakage of microorganisms by changing the positive and negative electrodes of electromagnetic field, which can cause microorganisms to die because of water deficiency and gene mutation. The effect of microwave field on microorganisms has been studied as early as 1930. Because of the differences of frequency, microwave field intensity, acting time, microbial species and composition of culture medium, the results are different, even the opposite results appear. The common conclusion of microwave sterilization is as follows: "At a certain temperature, the microbial lethal time of microwave method is shorter than that of ordinary heating method, and in a certain heat treatment time, the same effect can be achieved if the sterilization temperature of microwave method is lower than that of ordinary heating method."

At present, the application of microwave sterilization technology is more and more in-depth. At present, the application of microwave sterilization technology mainly includes the following aspects.

1 Microwave sterilization technology has been applied in the fields of bactericidal, enzymatic and sterilization of meat and meat products, poultry products, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, crops, etc.

2 Microwave sterilization technology has been applied to the drying and sterilization of ginseng, Lentinus edodes, Hericium erinaceus, pollen, Gastrodia elata and other traditional Chinese medicines and proprietary Chinese medicines because it can retain more physiological active substances than conventional sterilization methods.

P>3 Microwave can be used not only for disinfection of solid substances, but also for disinfection and sterilization of liquid substances. Microwave milk disinfector has been developed in foreign countries, and its frequency is 2450 MHz

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