Low temperature drying, microwave drying equipment is more powerful!

- May 08, 2019 -

Conventional drying equipment can reach the temperature of Shangbai. Conventional material drying is high temperature drying. First, it can effectively remove moisture from material, and has some efficacy of sterilization. So there are many materials that must be dried at low temperature. How to dry?

Generally speaking, what materials can not be dried at high temperature? Common are: some medicines, chemicals, nutritious food, ginseng, antler and other high-grade Chinese herbal medicines. For a hundred years, the ignition point of the material is relatively low, which will destroy its molecular structure and even burn at high temperature. So these items must be dried below 100 degrees Celsius or room temperature. In this way, there are certain technical requirements for drying equipment. It is well known that when the pressure decreases, the boiling point of water decreases accordingly. If the boiling point of water is 100 at one atmospheric pressure (101.3 kpa), the boiling point of water is 40 at 0.073 atmospheric pressure (7.37 kpa). Under vacuum conditions, heating the object can evaporate the moisture inside the object without heating up. Microwave heating is a kind of electromagnetic wave heating. Microwave directly acts on the material to heat both inside and outside at the same time. It does not need convection or conduction to transfer heat, so it has fast heating speed, high drying efficiency and easy temperature control. Microwave vacuum drying equipment is a high-tech product which integrates electronics, vacuum science, mechanics, thermodynamics, programmable control and other disciplines. It is a new technology and process developed on the basis of in-depth research on physical changes of substances, heat and mass exchange inside and outside, and water transfer process under vacuum conditions. Microwave vacuum drying equipment has been on the market for more than 10 years in China, but most of them are small-scale drying equipment. Because the technology of producing this kind of drying equipment is very difficult, so this kind of drying equipment has not been well promoted. In the process of producing microwave vacuum drying equipment, the most prominent technical problem is the discharge of low-pressure gas: when the gas in vacuum is diluted to a certain extent, high-frequency discharge will occur when the external energy is added. The high frequency discharge of

low pressure gas occurs. The harm is that the microwave energy can not be transported into the material, the microwave reflection is serious, the sealing window of the microwave oven is destroyed, and then the vacuum state in the microwave oven is destroyed. The advantages of microwave vacuum low temperature drying are high efficiency and conventional vacuum drying equipment are heated by steam, which needs heating from inside to outside. The slow heating speed needs to consume a large amount of coal. The microwave vacuum drying equipment uses electromagnetic wave heating, without heat transfer medium, and directly heates to the inside of the object. The heating speed is fast. A kilowatt of microwave can heat water at room temperature in 3-5 minutes. Heating to 100 C avoids the above shortcomings, so it has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, shorter drying period and lower energy consumption. Above are some basic knowledge of microwave drying equipment. For low temperature drying, microwave has great advantages, such as high efficiency, sterilization, environmental protection and so on. Henan Microwave Equipment Liability Co., Ltd. specializes in the field of microwave. We welcome the leaders of enterprises to come and guide us.

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