Technical parameters of new generation microwave drying equipment for nutrient rice

- May 08, 2019 -

After years of research, Guangxi Guilin Natural Food Co., Ltd. successfully produced a series of nutritious rice products suitable for people's dietary health in 2012. As a new generation of nutritional food, nutritional rice contains 45% japonica rice, 35% indica rice, 15% japonica glutinous rice, 4.8% japonica, 0.19% lysine and 0.01 natural flavor additive. The nutritional composition of the rice is reasonable and of high value. The proportion of amino acids conforms to the FAO/WHO model standard, which improves the economic value of Japonica (indica) rice and can be used as the daily staple food for people. In the production of nutritious rice, drying is an indispensable process, so how to choose the dryer?

Nutritional rice processing project is to use the company's national invention patent technology, the use of high-tech biotechnology technology, purple potato, konjac, Huaishan, Pueraria, corn, banana and other miscellaneous grains and brown rice, mix in appropriate proportion, using twin screw extrusion. Granulation technology, through microwave drying, cooling and grading of dryer to produce food with rice granule shape, according to the operation mode of "company + base + farmer", invests in expanding the production of "functional" nutritional rice with brown rice, Pueraria root, sweet potato, Huaishan, konjac, banana, corn and other main raw materials. Microwave drying equipment is mainly composed of microwave system, feeding and discharging system, microwave suppressor, microwave drying box, material conveying system, dehumidification and heat discharging system, control and detection system, etc.

1. Environmental requirements for equipment use:

1, power requirements: 380V+10%50Hz+1%

2, rated apparent input power of power supply: <20KVA

3, ambient temperature: 5-40 degrees C, relative humidity: <80%

2, main technical parameters of microwave system:

1, microwave operating frequency: 2450+50MHz

2, microwave output power: 12KW (power can be divided into segments). Tune).

P>3. Microwave feeding position: top feeding.

P>4, minimum isolation between feeders: more than 20 db.

P>5, microwave feed standing wave ratio: less than 2 (under rated load).

P>6. Cooling mode of microwave system: magnetron (water cooling) and transformer (air cooling). The choice of grain drying equipment for

should be low temperature and sterilization, so as to meet the requirements. Henan Microwave Equipment Liability Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of microwave equipment, tailor-made microwave drying equipment for enterprises. Free consultation hotline: 400-779-7276

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