Microwave dryer makes traditional Chinese medicine better serve human beings

- May 08, 2019 -

Zhang Peimeng is the pride of the Chinese people. Zhaoqing Station of the 2013 National Track and Field Grand Prix was opened. Zhang Peimeng broke the national record of 100 meters in 10.04 seconds. Japanese netizens said: so thin and running so fast, do you eat Chinese medicine? I am not ridiculous about their questions, because they do not understand the culture and wisdom of the five thousand years of Chinese famous people. Following is a brief description of the classification of traditional Chinese medicine, the difference between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, the drying process of traditional Chinese medicine and the choice of dryer.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, which prevailed in ancient China, is the crystallization of the wisdom of the working people in their long-term struggle against disease. So how are Chinese medicines classified?

Category I: Chinese medicines of tonic type. For example, Huangqi, ginseng, yam, jujube, angelica, Polygonum multiflorum, wolfberry and so on. This kind of Chinese medicine is the most familiar and favorite Chinese medicine.

P>Category II: Chinese herbal medicine for purging fire. Common rhubarb, coptis, Scutellaria baicalensis, gypsum, aloe, dandelion, bamboo leaves and so on.

Category III: Chinese herbs with the functions of dispersing and regulating qi. Common chrysanthemum, mint, ephedra, schizonepeta, orange peel, green peel, Amomum seed and so on.

Category IV: Activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis drugs with anticoagulant effect. Common are safflower, Salvia miltiorrhiza, frankincense, trigonum, peach kernels, cattail, Wang Buliuxing and so on. The difference between

traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine is that traditional Chinese medicine is simply processed with raw materials, centered on the theory of zang-fu meridians, supplemented by four scents and five flavors, rising and falling, etc. Western medicine, with modern physiology and pharmacology as its core, purifies natural raw materials to molecular level. The overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine, treatment based on differentiation of symptoms and signs, equal emphasis on prescriptions and medicines, and the thought of "three factors" are beyond the reach of modern medicine. Modern medical science has many advantages, such as high, fast and accurate curative effect of drugs, paying attention to the collection of clinical data and data, convenient taking of drugs, etc. However, it has disadvantages such as emphasizing drugs over prescriptions, and large side effects of drugs. After thousands of years of precipitation,

is still popular throughout the ages. Many pharmaceutical factories also make traditional Chinese medicine into Chinese patent medicine, which is convenient to take. So for the drying of traditional Chinese medicine, how can there be such a process? In TV, we often see that traditional Chinese medicine will put herbs in the frame woven with reeds and bamboo, and then evaporate water through wind and sun to achieve the drying effect. In this way, it is not only inefficient, but also troublesome when it comes to rainy weather. For today's pharmaceutical companies, traditional dryers may be used, after more than a dozen hours of evaporation, to achieve the effect of drying. Henan Microwave Equipment Liability Co., Ltd. has developed and manufactured microwave dryer equipment based on Microwave principle by using electric energy after years of research. The birth of this drying equipment has brought a new reform to industrial drying. Industrial civilization lies in environmental protection and energy saving. Henan Microwave Equipment Liability Co., Ltd. has paid silently for industrial drying in this mission.

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