Microwave dryer contributes a lot to the increase of honeysuckle production.

- May 08, 2019 -

Presumably everybody is full of praise for the Chinese good voice in the low language speed, ( honeysuckle dryer ) an average of 7.44 words per second, about 400 words per minute. He shocked us in the hot summer. So what do we know about Gaduobao?

At present, most of the herbal tea on the market uses honeysuckle as raw material, while honeysuckle has a very traditional Chinese medicine process in the process of picking and making herbal tea, that is, drying honeysuckle with a dryer.

Then let me introduce the drying of Honeysuckle by Xiaobian: In the working process of microwave dryer, the pure hot air produced by hot air stove can be controlled at 35-260 ~C, and the two drying methods are heating drying and ventilation drying. The two drying methods are carried out simultaneously, the reasonable adjustment of hot air ventilation rate is strengthened, the multi-layer drying oven is turned over and dried layer by layer. Drying,

make full use of hot air, quickly drying and dehydration, high efficiency operation. In addition, the honeysuckle dryer uses the enhanced circulating air for constant temperature and humidity drying, and the drying process is solidified in the micro-computer. It has a high degree of intelligence and does not need special supervision. It keeps the natural color (green) and full shape of honeysuckle, and the nutritional ingredients are not destroyed. It has high efficacy. Xiao Shirong, a honeysuckle grower in Xiabatun, Zhongyi Village, Yaqu Town, Longlin Autonomous County, said excitedly to the leader of the industrial research group of the town's NPC: & ldquo; Don't look at this humble stove, with it, honeysuckle processing this year will save more effort and effort. It's no problem to process three or five hundred jin of flowers a day, whether it's sunny or rainy, day or night, and it can also be processed. The finished product has bright color and good quality. & At present, there are 22 small honeysuckle drying ovens like this in Zhongyi Village. These drying ovens have made great contributions to honeysuckle processing this year. Next year, we will promote this drying technology in an all-round way and strive to build a small drying oven in every 3 households to provide adequate protection for flower processing. & Yao Zhonglun, director of Zhongyi Village Committee, added that his face was filled with joy. It is reported that after nearly 20 years of industrial development, honeysuckle industry has become a pillar industry of increasing farmers'income in Zhongyi Village, and many farmers have become rich by planting honeysuckle. Since September last year, the town government has organized village cadres and some cultivators to visit and study. It has introduced the new microwave drying technology of small drying oven from Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. and started some large cultivators and party members'center households to build new small drying ovens. It has also radiated through Party members' center households and farm classrooms, so as to stimulate more rural Party members and farmers. Mastering and using the new technology of honeysuckle processing has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of honeysuckle processing.

At present, it is the picking period of honeysuckle, but when we enter the village, we do not find that the accumulation of flowers in the past years is not timely. What we see is the new drying oven, the new flower separator and the Yellow dried honeysuckle products. According to statistics, Zhongyi Village has 22 small honeysuckle drying machines and 3 sets of medium-sized honeysuckle microwave dryers equipped with green-killing function. It can process nearly 6000 kg of fresh flowers per day. The quality of processed products is good. It can sell 12 yuan more per kg than that of dried flowers exposed by traditional methods in previous years. Based on the total output of 60 tons, Zhongyi Village's honeysuckle this year will increase by 1.44 million yuan compared with previous years, with an average household income of 2,400 yuan.

The microwave drying equipment is also suitable for the green-killing drying of honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, locust, okra, rose, peony and other flower stems and buds. The equipment has 2KW small honeysuckle dryer equipment, as well as rated power 100KW continuous honeysuckle dryer equipment.

Users or enterprises can come to inspect, tailor-made microwave drying equipment according to the company, and provide free installation and later technical support services.

Its main features are as follows:

1. Customized for the characteristics of large water content, vulnerability to damage and discoloration of flowers;

2. Non-contact infrared thermometry technology is adopted to measure temperature at multiple points with high accuracy and automatic control;

<3. Integrated control of drying and killing green, optimizing processing technology;

4. Man-machine interface operation and PLC automatic control;

5. Short processing cycle, fast shaping and high quality of products;

5. 6. Temperature and humidity linkage control to ensure color quality;

7. Microwave power can be continuously adjusted and speed can be adjusted;

8. Microwave leakage value & le; 1mW/cm² (National Standard & le; 5mW/cm²).

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