Application of Microwave in Dryer Equipment

- May 08, 2019 -

Microwave has become a synonym of modern science and technology. What is microwave? Microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave whose frequency ranges from 300 MHZ to 300 GHZ. For glass, plastics and porcelain, microwave almost passes through without being absorbed. For water and food, they absorb microwaves and heat themselves. For metals, microwaves are reflected. It is precisely because of this characteristic that microwave is beginning to be used in dryers. Compared with traditional dryers, microwave drying equipment has the advantages of high efficiency and high utilization rate, of course, the cost is higher than traditional dryers.

P>1. What are the applications of microwave drying equipment in industry?

P>The traditional drying process takes a long time and is slow, energy-consuming and high processing cost. The use of new microwave drying heating can save a lot of energy, improve thermal efficiency and drying speed. This is because the microwave wavelength is short and has a strong penetration. It does not need any medium to heat the material. It is uniform to heat both inside and outside the passenger team material. According to the data at home and abroad, the speed and efficiency of microwave drying equipment for heating materials are 4-20 times higher than that of conventional methods.

Vacuum microwave drying equipment and microwave drying equipment are mainly used for dehydration and sterilization of high value-added and heat-sensitive agricultural and sideline products, health products, videos, medicinal materials, fruits and vegetables, chemical raw materials and other kinds of native products; for low-temperature concentration of chemical products, pulling out of crystalline water, drying of enzyme preparations; for vacuum extraction of Chinese herbal medicine; for scientific research institutes; The school's laboratory. Microwave vacuum drying equipment and microwave vacuum drying equipment can prolong the shelf life of food, preserve the original flavor and nutrient components of food, retain the physiological activity of raw materials, enhance the function of health food and increase the added value of agricultural and sideline products. The advantages of microwave vacuum drying technology are obvious. First, it can effectively keep the shape, color, nutrient composition and aroma of materials unchanged. These characteristics are particularly important for the production of health care products; secondly, they can greatly save energy. Sublimation heat should be added when materials are treated by freeze-drying method.

Under vacuum condition, the vaporization temperature of water is low, the low temperature drying is realized, the original color, fragrance, taste and nutritional components of the processed materials are well maintained, the oxidation deterioration of the active ingredients in boredom is avoided, and the products are rehydrated well. Microwave penetrates into the interior of the materials, and the rotating system drives the materials to rotate, so that the materials are heated more uniformly, dried more quickly and run into the products. It is much lower than freeze-drying and infrared drying, energy-saving, consumption-reducing, sanitary and environmental protection. Making full use of microwave heating, the temperature difference between inside and outside of uniform material is small, which makes use of the characteristics of vacuum drying and solves the problem of difficult heat conduction in vacuum, greatly improving the drying efficiency and product quality.

2. What are the advantages of microwave drying equipment

1, high efficiency: Compared with traditional drying technology, it can improve work efficiency by at least four times;

2, heating uniformity: because of the simultaneous heating of materials inside and outside, the temperature difference between inside and outside is very small, and the inconsistency between inside and outside heating in conventional heating will not occur, which greatly improves the drying quality;

3, easy to control. It is convenient for continuous production and automation, because microwave power can be adjusted quickly and without inertia, it is easy to control in real time, and it is easy to adjust and determine process parameters;

4, product quality is good: compared with conventional methods, the quality of processed products must be greatly improved;

5, microwave vacuum drying equipment and vacuum microwave drying equipment have disinfection and sterilization. Work efficiency, product safety and hygiene. The shelf life of dried materials can be extended.

From the functions and characteristics introduced above, we can see that its economic and social benefits are remarkable in many aspects, such as energy saving, consumption reduction, sterilization, product quality improvement, safety and hygiene as well as its low investment cost and once and for all. It is one of the necessary industrial production equipment for domestic and foreign production enterprises. It is eternal to improve the production efficiency and reduce the investment cost of enterprises. The Way of Survival and Development.

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