Can E-books Replace Paper books? Talking microwave dryer tells you

- May 08, 2019 -

With the development of Internet, can E-books Replace Paper books? Let microwave dryer give you the answer. People are more and more fond of convenient e-books because open network resources make it easier for people to read their favorite books and free of charge. Will paper books be slowly replaced? The answer is obvious, No. The invention of paper makes human civilization better passed down. Without paper, we have to recite four books and five classics against bamboo sticks. So paper plays an important role in the development of human civilization.

E-books are now portable, but after reading the e-books, you will soon forget that there is no paper book impressed. And e-books are very harmful to people's eyes. Now the emergence of iPad has aggravated the myopia of teenagers. Many teenagers have high myopia when they are very young. E-books have the advantage of easy carrying and access to information at any time and anywhere. But the problem of power supply is the biggest limitation of e-books, and the unknown risk of electronic products is also great. It may be lost because of the quality of electronic products and some reason, and may never be found, resulting in significant losses. Paper books avoid this, and now important archives are paper preservation. The most important reason is the former one. Reading paper books is easy to accept knowledge and enjoy knowledge while reading.

Looking from the process of making paper, these seemingly ordinary and simple articles have complicated processes. This paper, regardless of the method of making paper, because this is not the topic we are going to discuss, then the last production process is the drying of paper products. Paper microwave drying equipment can dry packaging paper products including paper, cardboard, paper, paper tape, paper angle protection, etc. These packaging paper products due to low added value, drying needs to fully consider the cost of drying. On the other hand, because packaging paper factories generally in the city, when drying can not burn coal, so the electric heating drying equipment through microwave technology is the drying of packaging paper products. Better choice. Compared with other electrothermal drying equipment, microwave drying equipment produced by Shanghai Dangil Microwave Equipment Company has the best energy-saving effect in drying because of its strong penetration to cardboard. Compared with conventional drying technology, microwave drying is not only faster, but also has lower energy consumption, and greatly improves product quality. On the one hand, the traditional paper drying equipment is not clean enough. If it is a burning type of mechanical equipment, it will lead to energy waste and environmental pollution. The same energy can be applied to mechanical operation and the final output value will not be high anywhere. If we replace it with clean and cheap electricity, all the expenditures, tangible or intangible, will be greatly saved. The conversion of electric energy to microwave energy is efficient and environmentally friendly. We will use the latest paper dryer to dry paper products after production. Some friends will ask, is this a professional paper dryer? Of course, yes, the same microwave drying technology, but due to the different industries and different production characteristics of enterprises, our company considers and develops a variety of solutions to meet the product drying problems encountered in the production process of enterprises. Paper dryer is a microwave drying equipment specially used for drying paper products, including Cartons, cartons, cartons, packing boxes, wrapping paper, newspapers and so on all belong to the type of paper products within the scope of application of this product. You can safely purchase for your enterprise. This is a once-and-for-all project which not only benefits the enterprise but also the public and the environment in which we live.

P>What are the advantages of microwave paper dryer equipment?

P>1, strong gluing, water resistance and compression resistance greatly improved;

2, fast drying speed, high efficiency; paperboard drying uniform, flat, small variant;

3, microwave drying process has a strong bactericidal function, greatly improved the anti-mildew ability of paperboard, prolonged shelf life;

4, high efficiency and energy saving, and far-reaching. Compared with infrared drying, the drying time is shortened by 2/3 and the power consumption is saved by 1/3;

5, the operation is convenient, the manpower is saved and the area is small; safety and health, bad protection, no noise, no pollution

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