New Zealand poisonous milk powder is due to the sterilization process of dryer?

- May 08, 2019 -

< P > At present, people are concerned about the New Zealand poisoned milk powder incident, because of the rich raw materials of Botulinum toxin, many Chinese enterprises are caught in the busy process of product storage and recall. According to Xiaobian's understanding of milk powder production process, it is very likely that its dryer is not strong enough to sterilize in the process of working. Why botulinum toxin can avoid so many security checks in China? Experts say that botulinum toxin is not a common pollutant in dairy products and rarely occurs in milk powder and food. There is no standard for botulinum toxin in infant milk powder formulation in China, and there is no limit standard for botulinum toxin in milk powder in the world. There is no limit of Botulinum toxin in the national food safety standards. Therefore, import and export inspection is generally not done, and enterprise self-inspection is not done. Botulinum toxin caused a storm, and Coca-Cola Dongguan recalled the fruit milk produced by the problem milk powder.

in the process of milk powder production, the dryer is usually vacuum spray drying, the quality of raw materials used for the production of milk powder has very strict requirements, the number of bacteria per g milk powder must not exceed 50000, some countries or even 30000, without any further pollution, this is equivalent to 5000 (or 3000) of the total bacteria per litre after blending with the product, due to vacuum evaporation during spray drying process. It is also important to control the non-growth and reproduction of heat-resistant bacteria in concentrate during vacuum evaporation. Centrifugal sterilizer treatment or microfiltration in dryer is therefore applied to milk powder production to remove bacterial spores in milk and improve the microbial quality of final products. It is not difficult to see from the production process that every detail of milk powder production process is extremely strict. Why do bacteria grow? Usually because of the old dryer equipment, or parts damage, or user negligence. Every enterprise that makes food should have conscience. Every person who struggles on the food production line should be strict with himself and be responsible for other people's lives.

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