Microwave dryer is the best choice for condiments

- May 08, 2019 -

Food safety has become one of the areas of concern in recent years. Eating safe food is a ridiculous topic for our fathers and grandfathers, but for us who live in the contemporary society, we have to consider these issues. We are familiar with and unfamiliar with the condiments in our life. We greet him every day, but we don't know his making process. The drying of

condiments is one of the important processes of production, and the choice of dryer by manufacturers determines the quality of production.

In the sterilization and drying process of powder condiments, accurately grasping microwave characteristics and scientifically selecting microwave equipment can improve the quality of condiments, reduce production costs, improve production environment and improve production efficiency through microwave dryer, which will effectively promote the development of condiment industry. Powdery condiment is an important food raw material, which has a wide range of applications. It can be divided into natural type and reactive type according to the source of raw materials and production methods. Reactive type can be divided into natural type and chemical synthesis type. According to taste, it can be divided into sweet type, salty type and both sweet and salty type. Common powdery seasonings include chicken essence, salty powder flavor, beef powder, pork powder, mutton powder and other meat seasoning powder; chicken powder, duck meat powder, goose powder and other poultry seasoning powder; shrimp meat meal, abalone powder, crab meat powder, squid powder and other aquatic products seasoning powder; hydrolyzed vegetable egg white; hydrolyzed animal protein powder; aquatic products enzymolysis extract; livestock enzymatic hydrolysate; animal bone extract; yeast extract. Extract; beef flavor, pork flavor, chicken flavor, duck flavor and other powdery salty flavor; taro powder, roast chicken powder, curry powder, spicy powder and other condiments; chili powder, pepper powder, pepper and other spices; MSG; ham essence; vinegar powder; soy sauce powder; sweet powder flavor. Microwave sterilization of powder condiments has many advantages. Only by correctly grasping the microwave sterilization characteristics, adopting scientific and rational use methods and selecting appropriate drying equipment, can good sterilization and drying effect be achieved. Food microwave sterilization technicians should not only have microwave professional knowledge, but also have knowledge of food hygiene, food chemistry, food nutrition, food technology, etc. If they lack the above knowledge, many problems will arise, such as inadequate sterilization, raw materials being scorched or baked. Technicians should find out the corresponding reasons for different problems and prescribe appropriate medicines. There are thousands of dryers in the market of

. For the choice of microwave drying equipment, we should not blindly choose suitable ones for our own enterprises and have after-sales technical support. Please read the details of

: Detailed parameters and functions of microwave food drying equipment: microwave food drying sterilization

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