The Development of Private Enterprises Calls for Standardization

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: "Third-class enterprises sell products, second-class enterprises sell technology, first-class enterprises sell patents, super-first-class enterprises sell standards." The provincial quality work conference held on June 8 clearly pointed out that strengthening standardization work and vigorously implementing standard-led projects. On the same day, the first full-time service institution in China to guide private enterprises to carry out comprehensive standardization construction, the strategic guidance center of comprehensive standardization for successful private enterprises, was established in our province, which injected a "strong heart" into the standardization of private enterprises, which account for more than 60% of GDP in our province.

Promote enterprise brand building by standardization

Those who get "standard" win the world, Sanquan, Yutong... These well-known enterprises in Henan, which we all know well, are relying on the status of "founder" of a national standard to crack the wind and clouds in the market. What is the standard of

quick frozen dumplings? Zhengzhou San Quan has the final say. In 2008, the National Rice Noodle Food Standardization Technical Committee Quick-frozen Rice Noodle Food Sub-Technical Committee was listed here. Sanquan has been responsible for presiding over or participated in the drafting of many quick-frozen industry standards, such as Tangyuan, Zongzi, and prepared food. Many standard items have filled the gaps in China.

Yutong led the formulation of the new national safety standards for school buses. In May 2012, Yutong released the first new standard school bus in China. The domestic market share of Yutong school bus sales is expected to increase from 29% to 33% in 2013.

National Service Standardization Demonstration Unit Yuntai Mountain Scenic Tourist Area has established five aspects of standardized management system, and has become the initiator of the "toilet revolution" in national tourist attractions. At present, the scenic spot is drafting the parking standard of electronic parking lot. It is reported that in recent years, our province has made great efforts to strengthen the standardization infrastructure, and has undertaken 92 new national standard revisions in 2012. The adoption rate of main industrial products is over 80%. In recent years, private economy in our province has developed rapidly, but the construction of standardization system is still lagging behind. Not long ago, Qi Xuan, Vice Director of the Academy of Standardization of China, went to a potato processing enterprise to investigate and find that they still use coal-fired boilers to achieve steam drying and dare not use industrial microwave which can greatly reduce costs. "This is mainly because there is no scientific and unified standard for the national industrial microwave industry." Fortunately, in April this year, Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd., the largest enterprise in the industrial microwave industry in China, established a research base for industrial microwave standardization with the China Institute of Standardization, determined to solve the practical problems faced by industrial development with standardized technical means

According to the survey, more than half of the private enterprises in Henan do not know how to comprehensively promote the standardization strategy. Lin Bin, director of the comprehensive standardization strategy guidance center for the successful private enterprises, said that in the next step, they would devote themselves to industrial integration and collaborative innovation to enhance the core competitiveness of private enterprises through standardization construction. Sun Yinhui, director of Standardization Department of Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision, said that since 2007, our province has implemented standardization strategy in the whole province. Although some achievements have been made, there are still several aspects to be strengthened urgently. The formulation of

standard is lagging behind seriously, and the incentive mechanism needs to be improved urgently. In 2012, the number of local standards in our province ranked 20th in the country, not only less than Heilongjiang, Anhui and other major agricultural provinces and surrounding provinces, but also less than Gansu and other western remote provinces. At present, there is no standardized leading organization led by the provincial government in our province, and there is no effective communication and coordination between departments. In addition, funding is seriously inadequate, and a long-term mechanism urgently needs to be formed. At present, seven provincial municipalities, such as Zhengzhou, have introduced incentive policies, which provide financial support for standard revision projects in the form of awards instead of supplements. All these have greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in the revision of standards. Lin Bin said that the standard is the market and the core competitiveness. Our province should establish a provincial incentive mechanism as soon as possible to guide private enterprises to implement the standardization strategy of strengthening brand.

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