Why microwave equipment is used for drying chemical materials?

- May 08, 2019 -

As a professional manufacturer of microwave equipment, microwave equipment has the following characteristics:

1, fast drying speed. Conventional heating, such as flame, hot air, electricity and steam, uses the principle of heat conduction to transfer heat from the outside to the inside of the heated object and gradually increase the temperature of the object's center, which is called external heating. It takes a certain amount of time for the central part to reach the required temperature, and longer for objects with poor thermal conductivity. Microwave heating is to make the heated object itself become a heater. It is called internal heating mode. It does not need the process of heat conduction. It can be heated both inside and outside at the same time, so it can achieve heating and drying effect in a short time.

P>2. Heating uniformly. Conventional heating, in order to improve the heating speed, it is necessary to raise the heating temperature, which is easy to produce endogenous phenomenon of external coke. When heated by microwave, all parts of the object can penetrate the electromagnetic wave evenly and generate heat, so the uniformity is greatly improved.

P>3. Selective heating. In microwave drying, microwave has different effects on materials of different properties, which is beneficial to drying operation. Because the water molecule absorbs microwave best, the part with high water content absorbs more microwave power than the part with low water content, which is the characteristic of selective heating.

P>4, energy saving and high efficiency. In microwave heating, microwave energy can only be absorbed by the heated object to generate heat. The air in the heating room and the corresponding container will not generate heat, so the thermal efficiency is very high, and the production environment is also significantly improved.

P>5, easy to control. The thermal inertia of microwave heating is very small and easy to control. Microwave equipment is equipped with intelligent control platform, which is especially suitable for automatic control in heating process.

P>6, safe and harmless. In the process of microwave drying, there is no waste water, waste gas, waste and radiation residue. The microwave leakage standard is far higher than the national safety standard: <1mW/cm(national standard: <5mW/cm). Microwave ensures that every customer uses safe and harmless equipment. At present, microwave has developed a series of chemical microwave drying equipment for chemical materials to meet customers'needs, such as

1, microwave chemical drying equipment-chemical powder microwave drying. 2. Microwave extraction equipment - microwave extraction sterilization of Chinese herbs and spices.

P>3. Refractories drying equipment-microwave drying of refractories. 4. Microwave thawing equipment - microwave thawing of meat products and frozen food.

P>5. Microwave sintering of ceramics and high temperature materials. 6. Microwave vulcanization equipment - rubber microwave vulcanization and regeneration desulfurization.

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