Microwave: Energy saving of dryer is the first priority

- May 08, 2019 -

Microwave: dryer energy-saving is the first important material drying process is a huge energy-consuming process. According to statistics, in most developed countries, the energy used for drying accounts for 7%-15% of the total national energy consumption, while the thermal efficiency is only 25%-50%, and most drying processes, especially for heat-sensitive materials (such as food and biological materials), will have its color, luster. Nutrition, flavor and tissue influence. The microwave equipment drying technology has the advantages of less energy consumption, less environmental pollution, high drying quality and wide application range. Its excellent energy-saving effect has been praised by the vast number of users at home and abroad.

Microwave drying equipment adopts advanced German microwave technology, which can efficiently convert microwave energy into heat energy, absorb only moisture in materials, and preserve nutrients and tastes in materials. Therefore, the drying efficiency is much higher than other drying methods, saving at least 36% energy. So far, microwave drying has been widely used in microwave drying, microwave sterilization, microwave extrusion, microwave defoliation, microwave extraction, microwave sintering, microwave smelting and many other industrial fields. Microwave dryer has gradually become the preferred choice of many processing factories.

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