Microwave drying and sterilization equipment will have broad prospects in the pharmaceutical industry

- May 08, 2019 -

Microwave equipment is mainly used in the drying and sterilization of pills (water pills, honey pills, honey pills, etc.), tablets, powder, granules, extracts of traditional Chinese medicine, extracts and various oral liquids, Chinese and Western medicines, and fast extraction equipment of traditional Chinese medicine.

For a long time, traditional heating drying and sterilization methods have been adopted in the pharmaceutical processing industry in China, such as hot air and far infrared drying, high temperature and high pressure, cobalt 60 and so on. They not only have low thermal efficiency, long heating time and large area, but also are not conducive to environmental protection. At the same time, sterilization should be kept for 20-40 minutes under pressure and 120 C, and the pharmacodynamics and nutritional components of drugs will be destroyed to a certain extent. Microwave drying and sterilization can give full play to the characteristics of microwave drying and sterilization, which can solve the disadvantages of traditional heating. With the carefully designed microwave dryer, the processed pills are not cracked, have good consistency, maintain the original quality and prolong the shelf life.

The equipment of microwave oral sterilization with 5KW can process more than 5000 oral liquid of 10mL per hour. The sterilization temperature is only about 80 C and the sterilization time is less than 1 minute. It not only meets the hygienic standard, but also keeps the original nutritional composition of oral liquid clear, no precipitation and good taste. The equipment has passed the GMP certification.

Combined with the same product technology at home and abroad, we developed the quilt disinfection equipment. The microwave drying sterilization equipment uses microwave to carry out high temperature and biological double sterilization technology, and highly disinfects the cleaned quilt and other products, killing bacteria and viruses. It can also be used as a microwave dryer to dry the quilt.

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