China Construction Machinery Industry: New Turning Point in 2013, Enterprises Face New Opportunities

- May 08, 2019 -

The past year has been called the most difficult one for China's construction machinery industry. In April 2011, the whole construction machinery industry entered a downturn, which has lasted for 20 months. The industry believes that with the full line of Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway put into operation a year ago, the "economic corridor" linked by high-speed railway will not only bring new business opportunities for construction machinery, but also may promote the development of enterprise scale and realize the industry reshuffle. The information from the Ministry of Railway shows that with the gradual recovery of railway investment, the performance of construction machinery enterprises is expected to be strongly supported, especially the demand for earthwork machinery, road construction machinery, pile construction machinery and lifting machinery. In addition, according to the national farmland water conservancy construction plan, agricultural machinery will also usher in new opportunities for development.

Industry insiders analysis, high-tech machinery products will also usher in its brand-new spring. Henan manufacturing, represented by high-end microwave equipment, has gradually won a steady growth market by virtue of its outstanding performance in the pharmaceutical, chemical, powder, food, refractory industries, including a series of microwave equipment such as low-temperature drying, medium-temperature calcination, high-temperature sintering and so on. Industry figures predict that China's construction machinery industry will enter a moderate recovery stage in 2013, and the second half of this year may be the turning point of the construction machinery industry.

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