New Year's greetings on the Southern Weekend of 2013: Chinese Dream, Constitutional Dream (unabridged version)

- May 08, 2019 -

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between heaven and earth, time blossoms.

This is our first meeting in 2013. May you be brightened by your dreams.

In 2012, you guard your life and they guard your work. To guard this job is to guard their dreams of life.

In 2012, the strong voice of constitutionalism from the temple echoed loudly: "The life of the constitution lies in its implementation, and the authority of the constitution lies in its implementation." We look forward to the teeth of the Constitution and the early landing of constitutionalism. Only in this way can we achieve the difficult transformation of this ancient country with vicissitudes of life; only in this way can the country and people stand on the solid earth again.

Today, China is able to dream, and today, it is the time to fulfill its dream. Having experienced the nightmare of the "Cultural Revolution" in which constitutionalism was lacking, it took us more than 30 years to gradually return to common sense and common sense. From the land contract responsibility system to individual households, township enterprises and "private enterprises", we have created a prosperous city and harvested grain warehouses with a slight return to the right of Chinese people to arrange their lives independently.

P>We re-recognize what is true and what is false, whether it is true or not; we rekindle our love for justice and our yearning for freedom. Faced with the brutal force, we clasped hands and went through difficult times together to meet the turning point of life. Today, we can finally rise from the thick dust of history, lift our heads from the trivial daily life, go back to our ancestors'long constitutional March and review their great dreams. Over one hundred and seventy years ago, we began to wake up from the dream of heaven. First defeated in Britain, then defeated in Japan. More and more people do not want to live, and the sense of shame deeply hurt the Chinese scholars. Protecting the country! Protecting the seeds! From Westernization to Constitution, from Constitutionalism to Revolution. From utensils to system to culture, the aggravated are willing to completely overthrow the "Confucian shop" and resolutely uproot their own civilization. After the Revolution of 1911, the Qing Emperor abdicated and the ancestors finally established the first Republic in Asia. However, a free, democratic and prosperous constitutional China did not follow.

Wars are continuing both inside and outside the country, and cruelty is continuing inside and outside the crowd. At one time, people were far away from benevolence, righteousness, heaven and freedom. At one time, people mistook deer for horse, and thousands of lives were cut off. < P > < P > Dreams and rivers are fragmented. Freedom and constitutionalism, both disappear.

Deeply enjoy the gloom of human nature, we are still the people who can dream and have a heart that can dream.

Today, we are constantly dreaming not only of material abundance, but also of spiritual fullness; we are constantly dreaming not only of national strength, but also of national self-esteem. New Republic and New Country, salvation and enlightenment, no one can do without who, no one can overwhelm who. Constitutionalism is the foundation of all these dreams.

Fulfilling constitutionalism and upholding rights make everyone's heart shine like the sun and the moon; widows and widows feel warm in winter rather than trembling; city managers and peddlers can talk and laugh; houses can become castles for themselves and their families;

Fulfilling constitutionalism and limiting power and decentralization, citizens can speak out their criticism of public power; Everyone can live freely according to their inner beliefs; Only in this way can we build a free and powerful country.

To realize the constitutional dream, everyone can have a good personal dream. This requires us to start from the hand, from the guardianship of life at this moment, rather than leaving the heavy responsibility to future generations.

Many people have been deeply aware of this point, and many people have long tried to practice it.

is not only an outstanding person who dreams, but also a good dreamer who is outstanding.

Your natural right is to dream and fulfill your dream!

Applaud your dream and cheer for the dream of this country. This is the dream of many journalists, and their ambition is not small. They are loyal to the news, more loyal to their hearts. May you have a rosy dream too; be free to fulfill your gifts.

always dreams that everyone can be a dignified person, whether in a high position or in the street;

always dreams that everyone has love in his heart, that even criminals are not necessarily vicious, that there is always a free flicker of sympathy;

always dreams that the stratum of dreams is only the motive force for the free movement of people, not the trap of mutual suspicion and hatred; always dreams that five thousand years of civilization will be born. Continuously, in order to improve the modern situation of human beings, hold out a handful of sweet and clear springs... Only by fulfilling these 110,000 dreams can we ease the bone-cutting pain of more than one hundred years. After 170 years, there are still some people who are eager to sprout new conscience and revisit the nature of fate; some people still insist that rights fall to the ground one by one, politics return to justice and justice flow freely.

Some people still believe that no matter how difficult it is, the dream will eventually be realized as a good constitutional system, and the customs will be dumb and beautiful.

< P> The ancestors have made a thorough journey to practice righteousness and become benevolent. Nowadays, future generations follow their aspirations and go ahead with lights.

To fulfill their dreams, it is natural to learn from the wisdom of the past and reconcile with the beliefs, customs and emotions of the ancients. Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, law and Mohism are the source of all schools of thought; Zhou, Han, Tang, Song and Ming Dynasties are preferable.

But this is not to restore the ancients, the ancients can not give everything they need today. But it is no longer easy to derogate our ancestors and absorb them calmly so as to make Chinese civilization blossom and bear new fruits.

To fulfill dreams, we must learn from the world's experience. Therefore, we should carefully examine Greek democracy, the rule of law in Rome, draw lessons from British and American constitutionalism, and catch up with modern scientific and technological civilization.

But this is not just an excellent student of Western civilization. Westerners have the track of Westerners'evolution, which may not directly give us all we need today.

We should stand on our own ground and live a new life that blends ancient and modern with the people of all countries. Civilization is a new civilization that combines Chinese and Western cultures. In the turbulence of ancient and modern China and the West, we should follow the common values of human beings and not be afraid to dream our own new dreams.

Calls the ancients beautiful and praises the neighbors, not because they are perfect enough, but because we are familiar with the joy in their eyes and the freedom flowing in their hearts.

P>The Chinese should have been free men. The Chinese dream should have been a constitutional dream. Only under the constitutional government can the country continue to be strong, and only under the constitutional government can the people be truly strong. Only by fulfilling the constitutional dream can we better fight for foreign power and safeguard national freedom, and better fight for civil rights and safeguard people's freedom. And the freedom of the country must ultimately rest on the freedom of the people, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the

Who can not love freedom? This freedom is not only right for power, but also forgiveness for revenge, for ignorance, for benevolence for tyranny, and for inhumanity. The world is public when you travel along < P > < P > Avenue. Everything is free and every life is positive. This is the dream of the ancients, the dream of the ancestors, and the dream of many people today.

Chinese Dream, Freedom Dream, Constitutional Dream.

Everything is dying fast, but the dream is always there. Everything is born because dreams never die. Dreams are the days of life. When you fail a hundred times, the hope of immortality fills your heart.

P>There are still people listening to your dreams and expecting you to dare to dream. You get up from suffering, they cheer for you; you taste the warmth of the world, they cheer for you; you harvest a good life, they cheer for you... They have nothing but persistence in their dreams; they have nothing but the pursuit of truth.

A truth can weigh heavier than the whole world, and a dream can make life shine!

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