Microwave equipment sterilizes oral solution to achieve high temperature, rapid and complete sterilization

- May 08, 2019 -

< P > Oral solution contains sugar, biological agents and abundant nutrients, which are easy to be contaminated. Some oral solutions on the market, because they are not well sterilized, multiply bacteria in storage, produce gas, and poisoning and bottle explosion accidents occur when users use them. In order to prevent bacterial reproduction, some manufacturers of oral solution add preservatives in oral solution. As a result, products can not go abroad. Microwave sterilization equipment can effectively solve the above problems.

The traditional method is to sterilize with hot and humid steam. The material needs to be heated to 121 C and kept for more than 20 minutes before the bacteria can be killed. Because the heat conduction of wet-heat sterilization is from outside to inside, in order to achieve this goal, it needs a long heating time, including a long heating process of materials. The whole sterilization cycle generally needs 1-1.5 hours to complete, which has high energy consumption and low efficiency. The sterilization of microwave equipment is to heat both inside and outside the material at the same time. The internal temperature is high. The heat conduction is from inside to outside. The heating is uniform and the heating is rapid. If microwave sterilization is used, it can make: (1) E. coli and Bacillus subtilis can be killed completely if they are heated to 70 degrees C in microwave field and kept for 2 minutes; (2) Fatty Bacillus subtilis can be killed at 70 degrees C in microwave field; and (2) Fatty Bacillus subtilis can be killed at 70 degrees C in microwave field. Keep it for 2 minutes, that is to say, it's killed. Using 5 kW microwave equipment to sterilize, 50 seconds can kill bacteria, and 8 kW microwave equipment 35 seconds can kill bacteria.

Some people have done microwave sterilization test of oral solution: oral solution containing up to 3.5 million Escherichia coli, sealed in 1-2 ml ampoules, after 3-5 kW power, 2450 MHz microwave action for more than 15 seconds, when the ampoule temperature is close to 110 C or so, can kill all the cell bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus showed similar results. Bacillus subtilis spores, the content of 60,000 to 80,000, liquid temperature must reach 140 C, maintain more than 20 seconds to completely kill. The oral solution containing 2000-3000 cyanobacterial cells, under the action of 3-4 kW microwave power, reached a temperature above 120 C and was completely killed after 20-23 s. It is estimated that there are 5000 manufacturers of oral solution in China, and less than 5% of them use microwave equipment to sterilize oral solution. If everyone can use microwave equipment to sterilize, it can not only improve the product grade, overcome the quality problems of oral solution, but also save a lot of manpower and material resources.

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