Microwave equipment can quickly improve the sterilization rate of pharmaceutical pills by drying and sterilizing them.

- May 08, 2019 -

In pharmaceutical production, raw materials are often made into granules by certain methods. The quality of granules has a direct impact on the finished preparations. The health standard of finished preparations is strictly stipulated by the state. In order to meet this standard, it is necessary to sterilize semi-finished products and finished products of solid preparations. Microwave drying and sterilization technology was applied to the production of concentrated Chinese medicine pills. According to the characteristics of the production model, the drying and sterilization were completed simultaneously. The unit cycle was shortened from 30-40 hours to 5-15 minutes. The operation process was simplified from 15 to 12. The whole production cycle was shortened by 56%, the output was increased by 3 times, and the product quality was stable and controllable.

Microwave drying equipment was used for the trial production of water pills, honey pills and concentrated honey pills in pills. The time showed that microwave had the advantages of uniform heating, short drying time, production expansion, low temperature sterilization, high heat conversion efficiency, energy saving, continuous production and labor efficiency. Microwave drying is conducive to improving the working environment and conforming to GMP. It is worth popularizing and applying in pill production. The factors affecting the drying effect of concentrated Liuwei Dihuang pills were systematically analyzed by microwave medicine pill drying equipment. The comprehensive evaluation and optimum technological conditions were screened with the indexes of appearance, water content, dissolution time limit and microbial limit. According to the screened process conditions, all the indexes are good. The results showed that compared with oven drying, the loss rate of paeonol content was reduced by 2.4%, the sterilization rate was increased by 1.9% and the dissolution time was shortened by 22 minutes. Microwave sterilization for solid preparations has good sterilization effect. For example, the microwave equipment of 2450 MHz can sterilize pills, the content of bacteria is reduced by 94%-99% compared with untreated samples, and the main components have no great change. The sterilization effect can be achieved by microwave sterilization for several minutes or tens of minutes at 80 C. Honey pills can kill 74%-89% of bacteria in a few minutes, water pills can kill 94%-99% of bacteria in a period of 16-22 minutes, and decoction pieces can kill 90% of bacteria in a period of 2-4 minutes. The effect is better than that of dry heat sterilization, with high heat conversion efficiency, energy saving, conforming to GMP, automatic control and continuous production.

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