Microwave dryer for medicinal materials can effectively improve the grade and yield of medicinal materials.

- May 08, 2019 -

Chinese medicine is extensive and profound, and there are many kinds of Chinese herbal medicines in China. The common Chinese medicinal materials are: Lycium barbarum, Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos, Qianfu, Astragalus, Pinellia ternata, Salvia, Codonopsis pilosula, Lily, Ginger, Gastrodia elata, Yam, Angelica dahurica, Chuanqiu, Isatis indigotica, etc. The drying of traditional Chinese medicines is related to life safety. In medicine, there are strict requirements on pharmacology, storage, temperature and humidity of Chinese medicinal materials after drying. At present, there are many drying methods for Chinese medicinal materials, such as oven, infrared, far infrared, hot air drying, etc. However, it is difficult to control the drying temperature during the drying process, and the grade and quality of dried medicinal materials will be greatly affected. As a new type of dryer, microwave medicine dryer can be said to have abandoned the above shortcomings. It tests the drying conditions according to pharmacology, and finally finds a suitable drying environment for a certain kind of traditional Chinese medicine. The reason why

microwave drying of Chinese herbal medicines can achieve good drying effect stems from the principle of microwave drying, which is different from traditional drying methods. No matter the shape of each part of the material, microwave heating can make the surface of the material permeate electromagnetic wave at the same time and generate heat energy. Microwave heating is selective, especially in the heating process, the central temperature of the material is often slightly higher than that of the surface, which is conducive to the smooth discharge of water vapor from the material. Therefore, the uniformity of heating inside and outside the material is basically the same, and there will be no surface burning or surface ripening endogenous phenomena due to heat conduction in other heating methods. Microwave heating has thermal and biological effects, so it can sterilize, prevent mildew and keep fresh at low temperature (low temperature and vacuum). Combined with microwave heating speed and short time, it can maximize the activity of materials and the color and nutrition of the original materials.

Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing microwave drying equipment. Through numerous uninterrupted experiments, the optimum conditions for microwave drying of various materials are obtained, especially for Chinese medicinal materials drying equipment, which has more mature research and development and put into production. At present, many domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers have chosen the company's microwave medicine dryer, its quality and reputation can be seen.

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