New technology of microwave oil-free instant noodles processing, advocating green new life

- May 08, 2019 -

Instant noodles are a kind of fast-food products produced to facilitate our daily life. Statistics show that the annual consumption of instant noodles in China is second only to that of noodles. However, at present, the processing of instant noodles is generally based on frying, which makes the oil content of instant noodles generally high. Nowadays, with the increasing advocation of "three low foods" (low fat, low sugar, low salt), and green life, new technology of oil-free instant noodles processing emerges at the historic moment.

Oil-free instant noodles processing technology is more than one, often using the conventional hot air drying, but the hot air drying time is long, the drying of noodles is serious, noodles rehydration is poor, inside and outside gelatinization is inconsistent; easy to muddy soup, dark appearance, affecting taste and appetite. Compared with hot air, microwave oil-free instant noodle processing technology has abandoned the above shortcomings of hot air drying and become a new favorite in the instant noodle processing industry. Microwave technology uses electromagnetic energy to heat materials directly. Its penetration performance makes the inside and outside of instant noodles heated and dried uniformly and quickly, which greatly improves the quality of instant noodles, increases the gluten degree, is smooth and delicious, and keeps the noodles and soups fresh, even if boiled and soaked in water for a long time, it is not turbid. On the basis of the production line of fried instant noodles, the microwave oil-free instant noodles production line removes frying pans and dries them with microwave equipment. The technological process is as follows: forming machine cooking machine cutting and draining machine hot air fan microwave dryer cooling and packaging machine

< P > microwave dryer, which has processed oil-free instant noodles. There is no problem of oil oxidation and flavor deterioration, and the shelf life is longer. The natural nutrients of the product can be guaranteed without high temperature frying treatment. Adding vegetable flour, egg yolk flour and soybean flour can develop a variety of health-care and functional instant noodles for children and the elderly. Microwave oil-free instant noodles are more in line with the multi-varieties, low fat, functional, nutritional and health-care of contemporary food structure, and have great market prospects.

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