Six Viewpoints on the Current Situation of China's Ceramic Technology and Equipment

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan microwave equipment network: in the past 30 years, the modernization of Chinese traditional ceramics has been developed from the modernization of equipment, from the ball mill, mud pump, spray tower, brick press, roller kiln and so on. At the same time, it has also promoted the process technology. Negotiations on the introduction of the first production line in China around 1982 also focused on the cost of equipment on the whole line and the training of formulation technology was incidental. Over time, technology has become more important and prominent than equipment. The alternation of these processes and equipment has promoted the development of the ceramic industry. Because the development of China's ceramic industry is too fast and too big, relying on any country to supply equipment can not solve China's demand. This is also a characteristic of the development of China's ceramics. We must develop China's ceramics equipment industry.

2. It is out of fashion and reality for China's trade associations and societies to separate machinery and kilns into two professional committees. They should be merged into a technical equipment professional committee. More than a decade ago, I mentioned in a board of directors of an academy that an ignorant chairman opposed it, and today it is clear that the chairman was wrong. If there are doubts, look at the contemporary world many ceramic equipment manufacturers are doing machinery is also doing kilns. On another basis, modern industrial kilns are not simple equipment but mechanical and electrical products.

3. Recently, there has been a controversy about inkjet printing and roller printing, and even some of them have a negative taste. It is a good thing to argue, but we must affirm that the decorative means of the two are different. One is contact type, the other is non-contact type, and the way of regulation is different. It is a little far-fetched to argue together. I think both of them have advantages that are difficult to replace each other, and it's good to coexist. Ultimately, who can stand firm in China depends on two aspects: whether it can be domesticated or not; and the comprehensive price index.

4. The shortcomings of contemporary Chinese ceramic equipment manufacturing industry can be summarized as follows: large scale, inadequate precision (rough); more imitation, inadequate self-creation; more single machines, inadequate sets; active marketing, inadequate services; more experience, inadequate scientific research; fierce competition, insufficient collusion and cooperation; emphasis on mainframe, insufficient environmental protection; energy conservation and emission reduction, inadequate efforts; and so on. 。

5, I think there are four most positive achievements in ceramic technology and equipment in recent ten years: (1) complete sets of equipment for ceramic plate production; (2) progress of cloth and decoration technology and equipment; (3) development of energy equipment (clean gas); and (4) automatic testing and packaging equipment. These are forward-looking.

P>6. The future orientation of China's ceramics equipment must be the advanced manufacturing industry of inorganic materials and products. There is still much room for development of ceramics production technology and equipment.

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