Haven't you heard of microwave low-temperature baking equipment? You out!

- May 08, 2019 -

Baking refers to the process of drying and hardening the material by drying and heating without reaching the burning point of the material. Microwave baking has the advantages of saving time, energy and space and protecting nutrients. In traditional baking, heat is mainly transferred to the product surface through heat medium convection and furnace wall radiation, and then to the center. In microwave baking, the air around food is greenhouse and not heated by microwave. Heat is generated by the interaction of charged particles and sex molecules in food by microwave, and the heat generated is transmitted through food materials. Because of the rapid production of heat in food, the heating speed in microwave oven is very fast. Therefore, the total baking time is shortened, thus saving energy. Another advantage of microwave baking is that the end products contain higher nutritional value than those processed by traditional baking methods.

Traditional baking equipment is mainly electric oven, such as electric heating oven, far infrared oven, etc. Traditional baking equipment has a higher temperature, generally in 180-200 C. Because microwave low-temperature baking equipment generates heat by friction between molecules of material itself through microwave electromagnetic field, the temperature is lower in the process of baking. Through a lot of practice, it is proved that the microwave baking temperature only needs about 120 ~C. The advantages of microwave low-temperature baking are

P>1 and low baking temperature.

P>2. High degree of automation, automatic pipeline operation.

P>3, low labor intensity.

P>4.Production environment sanitation and environmental protection.

P>5, high yield.

6. The baked products are of high quality, unique flavor and crisp and refreshing taste. Applicability of microwave low-temperature baking equipment:

Walnut, Chestnut, Walnut, Sunflower Seed, Watermelon Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Shellless Melon Seed, Hazelnut, Torreya grandis, Nut and other dry goods drying, baking and puffing.

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