Low temperature and vacuum drying equipment for tablet drying have many advantages.

- May 08, 2019 -

Drying is the last step in tablet production from raw material extraction to semi-finished product of dry paste. The application of drying equipment and technology is directly related to the quality of tablets. Compared with the commonly used oven drying method and spray drying method, the vacuum drying equipment produced by microwave equipment limited liability company has unique advantages, which can ensure that the product quality is much higher than that of other drying methods. Microwave vacuum drying equipment has the following four advantages:

(1) Low temperature drying ensures that active ingredients

low temperature drying in vacuum environment can reduce the boiling point of water and realize low temperature drying, which provides favorable conditions for the drying of heat sensitive materials and can avoid the high temperature damage of effective ingredients in the drying process. For example, when producing natural extract products, the product is in vacuum and closed environment during the whole drying process, and the drying process is mild (temperature 40 ~60 C), which can maintain its active ingredients to the greatest extent.

(2) Prevent oxidation, ensure product quality

under the vacuum environment of anaerobic differentiation, reduce oxygen partial pressure, avoid oxidative deterioration of materials in the drying process, and ensure the quality of dried products.

(3) The product has loose micropore, good instant solubility

loose micropore in high vacuum state. After a period of drying, there are micropore in the product from the micro-structure. After directly crushing to the required particle size, the particle fluidity is very good. At the same time, due to the micro-loose structure, the instant solubility of particles is excellent, which is more conducive to human absorption.

(4) Vacuum hypoxia and double sterilization

microwave sterilization under vacuum hypoxia can effectively inhibit bacterial reproduction and achieve the purpose of killing bacteria. At the same time, the sterilization function can be realized again. Dual sterilization ensures the sterility of the product.

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