What drying equipment are commonly used in industry?

- May 08, 2019 -

What are the commonly used drying equipments in


1 and spray drying means a method of dispersing liquid materials into droplets by atomizer and using hot air to dry droplets to obtain dry products. This method can directly dry the solution, suspension and emulsion into granules or powders without further evaporation and crushing operations. The principle is to disperse the dried liquid material into many tiny droplets through atomizer and enter the flowing hot air flow. Because of its positive total surface, the drying speed is very fast, and the evaporation of water can be completed in a few seconds, which has the characteristics of instantaneous drying. Most of the dried products are crisp hollow particles with good solubility. This method is suitable for the drying of thermosensitive medicinal liquids. Most of the extracts of medicinal materials can be concentrated to a flowing degree, and can be dried by this method. However, the extracts containing more viscous components are difficult to dry. Spray dryer consists of four parts: drying room, sprayer, preheated air and hot air conveying equipment, and fine powder and exhaust gas separation device. The sprayer is composed of a sprinkler head and a high-pressure air device. The smaller the sprinkler head is, the higher the spray speed is, the smaller the droplet drizzles, the quicker the drying is.

P>2. Infrared dryer refers to the drying method of vaporizing water in drying materials by infrared radiation. Because wet materials and moisture have wide absorption bands in the far infrared region and have strong absorption effect on some frequencies of the far infrared region, this method has the advantages of fast drying speed, good drying quality and high energy utilization rate, but the infrared ray is easily absorbed by water vapor and other losses. At present, it is commonly used to determine the water content of tablets. Superheated steam drying technology is a new energy-saving drying method, which uses superheated steam to contact with wet materials directly to remove moisture. Superheated drying technology has many advantages, such as high heat transfer coefficient, low mass transfer resistance, high thermal efficiency, low unit energy consumption, less steam consumption, no risk of explosion and fire, etc. It is conducive to environmental protection and has sterilization and disinfection effect. However, superheated steam drying also has a certain range of applications. This drying method is not suitable for drying thermal sensitive materials. If the recycling is not favorable, the energy saving effect will be greatly affected. In addition, its cost is relatively high. In feed industry, superheated steam drying technology can be applied to distiller's grains, pasture, fish bones and fish meat. Microwave drying equipment is a new and efficient drying method. Microwave is a high frequency (300MHz-300GHz) electromagnetic wave. Water molecule in wet material can absorb microwave intensely, which makes polar molecule rotate rapidly and produce violent collision and friction. Some microwave energy can be converted into heat energy, which makes temperature rise, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. It has the advantages of fast drying speed, uniform heating, good product quality, sensitive control and easy operation. Microwave with 2540 MHz also has sterilization effect.

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