Harvesting and drying of jujube

- May 08, 2019 -

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1. The harvesting of jujube

1. The ripening process of jujube fruit

has fully developed during the white ripening period. The peel of jujube fruit has changed from green to green-white, the flesh is soft, the skin is thin and soft, the sugar content is low, the skin and flesh are not easy to separate after boiling sugar, which is the suitable harvesting period for processing jube used. At crisp ripening stage,

the pericarp has turned red, the pulp color has changed from light green to green white, and the pericarp has become thicker and harder. At this stage, the fruit of jujube is crisp, sugary and juicy, which is the suitable harvesting time for fresh edible jujube.

< P> The ripening period of jujube fruit is characterized by complete reddish peel, dark color, yellowing handle, formation of detachment layer, green-white pulp turning into flesh-white, the highest sugar content, gradual softening of flesh from inside to outside, and decrease of water content, which is the suitable harvesting period for dry jujube. Harvesting time

2. Fresh food seeds harvested best in crisp ripening period. At this time, the color of jujube fruit was 50%-70%, the sugar content reached more than 80% of the ripening period, the juice was plentiful, the meat was crisp and the taste was good. Drying varieties are usually harvested after maturity. For example, gray jujube is usually harvested well in the middle and late October when the fruit is fully ripe. The harvesting methods of dried jujube are as follows: (1) the quality of dried jujube is good, and (2) it is easy to harvest. After ripening, the segregation layer between fruit stalk and fruit branch produces, and the jujube fruit can fall off by shaking the tree body slightly. When harvesting, lay plastic cloth under the tree, shake the tree body, or gently hit the branch with a pole, so that the jujube fruit falls behind and collects centrally.

Fresh-eating jujube harvesting methods: Fresh-eating big fruit such as long pole shooting down fruit, fruit damage, peel and pulp rupture, which is not conducive to storage and transportation, but also easy to cause branches broken and leaves. It is best to pick them manually to ensure the quality of jujube fruit.

2. There are three drying methods for jujube fruits

There are three drying methods for jujube fruits: air-drying, sun-drying and baking. At present, air-drying method and sun-drying method are commonly used.

< P> drying is a natural ventilation method for drying jujube. The specific method is: picking up rotten jujubes, separating them according to the degree of wetness and dryness, spreading them in ventilated rooms or under shade shed, so that the jujubes can be ridged, the ridge height is about 30 centimeters, turning once a day, and then dried into red jujubes in about a month. Its disadvantage is that it covers a large area and is not suitable for large-scale processing.

Drying method is to select flat, dry and ventilated place to set up a sun-drying field, spread jujube fruit on mat foil, about 10 cm thick, exposed for 10-15 days, gather jujube into piles at night, and cover them with mats to prevent dew. After sunrise the next day, continue to open the sun, turn several times a day, until the moisture content of jujube reduced to less than 28%, hand can not be soft to collect.

The drying of jujube is to put the jujube in the drying room and turn it frequently to avoid the phenomenon of rotten fruit caused by excessive temperature and humidity. Conditional baking oven can be built. The specific method is: first, the jujube fruit is graded according to size and maturity, and the rotten fruit is removed. Then, the jujube fruit is put on the shelf separately. The thickness of the jujube fruit in the plate is 2 layers. During the heating process, the temperature was controlled at 55 for 4 hours. When the jujube fruit became soft, hot and wrinkled, the temperature could be raised to 65 and kept for 8-10 hours. In this stage, the evaporation rate of water is fast and the humidity is relatively increased. Attention should be paid to moisturizing, so that the temperature is kept at about 68 C, the humidity is controlled at about 55%, and the jujube fruit is heated evenly by upside down and upside down. After 10 hours, the temperature can be adjusted back to 55 and the drying stage can be maintained for 4-6 hours. The date can be released when the drying requirement is reached. After ventilation, heat dissipation, cooling and packaging.

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