Drying Technology of Rose Buds

- May 08, 2019 -

< P > Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: 1. Bud picking: calyx tip microtension, bud tip redness, budding before the best period for picking. The standard for picking is fully expanded but not open buds. After the flower buds are picked, they are packed in bamboo cages or baskets and sent to local purchasing points for sale or processing immediately. When the picking place is far away from the processing site, temporary shades should be set up for stalling. Do not pile them up to prevent fever.

2. Purchasing methods and standards of fresh buds: In the season of centralized purchasing of fresh buds, processing units purchase them according to designated farmers. The standard is fresh buds picked within 12 hours, with bright color, uniform flower size and less than 5% of weak and small buds; complete bud receptacles, no petioles, impurities, no pest erosion, no artificial water spraying, making water phenomenon; no peculiar smell, pure fragrance; Buds, no blooming flowers.

3. Selection of flower buds: The purchased flower buds are classified and stored according to their varieties. Mixed storage is forbidden, and careful selection is made so that there are no impurities, no half-blooming buds or all-blooming buds and weak buds.

4. Flower bud sizing and loading: The selected flower buds are evenly placed in the wooden frame drying grate with wire mesh bottom, and the petals are uniformly downward or upward, with the same thickness and without extrusion; the dried grate with full buds should be lightly loaded and lightly placed when loading, and the buds can not be deformed or worn.

5. Shrinkage drying of fresh buds: The drying truck filled with buds should be pushed into the drying room gently, the door of the drying room should be closed to warm up, the indoor temperature should be strictly controlled, the order of change should be in turn, and the direction of wind should be changed regularly to ensure that the buds are dry and wet evenly, with bright color.

6. Dry buds come out of the oven: When the dryer enters the drying chamber for about 8 hours, the dried buds are detected manually. As long as the color is bright and the fragrance is unique to roses, the buds are full spindle-shaped, the color is purple red or sauce-purple red, the receptacles and calyx are yellow-green, and the buds twisted by hand are in the shape of powder flakes. When 70-80% of the receptacles are twisted by hand, the dried buds show that they are thoroughly dried. The bud dryer can be pushed out of the drying room.

7. Grading and packing storage of dry buds: After grading, dry buds are aired to room temperature, gently packed in non-toxic plastic bags, sealed, packed in standard cartons, stored in warehouses meeting hygienic standards, and kept dry and ventilated in warehouses. The packing boxes should be 20 centimeters from the ground to the wall.

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