Microwave sterilization equipment can effectively guarantee the health and safety quality of moon cakes

- May 08, 2019 -

Professor Wu Yongnian believes that on the basis of existing conditions, microwave sterilization equipment can effectively kill and sterilize mooncakes, thus ensuring the health quality of mooncakes and promoting green consumption. Mooncakes are traditional pastries in our country, with strong seasonality. In order to satisfy the market supply, manufacturers often produce them 1-2 months ahead of time, but in the process of production, storage and sale, the products are easy to grow mouldy. In the process of processing, baking, cooling and packaging, there are many links, which often lead to bacterial contamination, especially coliform bacteria exceeding the standard. In order to prevent mildew, manufacturers often use deoxidizers to prevent mildew, and have achieved certain results, but there are still a certain number of mildew moon cakes every year, which not only affects the health of consumers, but also causes great negative impact and economic losses to manufacturers. Journalist

: Every April, many food factories begin to prepare for the production of moon cakes. As we all know, mooncakes are easy to grow moulds. Manufacturers usually use deoxidizers to prevent moulds, but there are still mouldy mooncakes. Why?

Wu Yongnian: Generally speaking, deoxidizers can remove the oxygen from the packaging bags of mooncakes, but without oxygen, the moulds polluted into the mooncakes can not grow. There are many mouldy mooncakes every year. The reasons include: insufficient deoxidizing capacity of deoxidizer, that is, the deoxidizing capacity is less than the sum of the inherent oxygen in the bag and the oxygen passing through the bag during the shelf life; non-high barrier material of the bag, too much oxygen permeability; improper sealing of the bag, and no applicable testing method; leaking or empty bag of the deoxidizer itself when filling the deoxidizer. Journalist:

How can we solve these problems?

Wu Yongnian: If we still use deoxidant to prevent mildew, we should take measures to solve the above four problems. During the shelf life, the oxygen removal of the deoxidizer must exceed the oxygen permeability, and resolutely eliminate empty bags and leaks, and the packing bags should be sealed well. Journalist

: The deoxidizer's deoxidizing capacity exceeds the oxygen permeability, which can be calculated. This problem can be solved easily. However, it may be difficult to solve other problems completely under the present conditions. Excuse me, is there any better way?

Wu Yongnian: From the actual situation, it is difficult to solve these problems completely. The microwave mooncake sterilization equipment can effectively kill the microorganisms in the mooncake and prolong the shelf life of the mooncake. We, the Special Committee of Storage and Fresh-keeping of China Research Institute of Storage Products Processing, started exploring new methods several years ago, and jointly with Nanjing Yongqing Food Fresh-keeping Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., developed the special microwave sterilization technology and equipment for moon cakes. After testing and production, the effect is good and this problem is well solved. Journalist

: Please briefly introduce the characteristics of this sterilization technology and equipment.

P>Wu Yongnian: Microwave can kill bacteria through thermal and non-thermal effects. Through practice, we found that the effect of microwave fungicide is also very good. For this reason, we developed a microwave mooncake sterilization equipment and developed a set of special fungicide technology. After testing, the treated mooncakes fully meet the national health standards. After pilot-scale production and application, the mooncakes did not appear mildew phenomenon one year later, and the stability is very high. Microwave killing mildew has the following advantages: 1. High sterilization rate and good stability. It can kill mould, coliform, pathogenic bacteria and spoilage bacteria efficiently. Second, the cost of use is low. No packaging of high barrier materials, no deoxidizers and corresponding separators are needed. The cost of electricity consumption is low. Every mooncake (in 125g) costs about one cent. 3. Leakage products can be detected automatically to prevent mildew caused by improper packaging. 4. After packaging, the moon cakes can be sterilized (without vacuum packaging). It can be connected with the packaging line. It is easy to use and highly automated. Fifth, a multi-purpose machine. Mooncakes are very seasonal products. After the production season, the equipment can be used for sterilization of other foods. Journalist

: You just talked about the special equipment and technology, can you talk about it in detail?

Wu Yongnian: Unlike other foods, moon cakes are usually not packed in vacuum, and their sterilization process may appear bagging phenomenon, this problem must be solved. Therefore, the automatic control ability of the sterilization equipment itself should be stronger than that of the general microwave sterilization equipment, and the sterilization should be uniform. In addition, according to the characteristics of mooncakes, we and Nanjing Yongqing Food Fresh-keeping Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly studied the special sterilization time and temperature, as well as the treatment methods before and after sterilization, to enhance the sterilization effect of mooncakes.

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