Application of Microwave in Food

- May 08, 2019 -

Microwave has been widely used in food drying. The research on Microwave processed food by Washington University in 2004 has proved that it has the advantages of fast, high efficiency and energy saving. At the same time, it can retain the original ingredients of food better than the traditional high temperature and long time heating method. It has begun to provide military use, and has been studied in depth (see American paper: Microwave improvements proces). In the field of civil microwave, some people began to think that whether microwave heating has destructive effect on food and is harmful to human body. In this regard, scientists in the United States, Britain and Germany have also studied it. The conclusion is that microwave heating is the whole heating of goods, and it is a kind of electromagnetic energy that directly acts on the heating inside of goods, while we do. Traditional heating is from outside to inside, which saves heat loss from outside to inside conduction and external air conduction. Of course, mismatched power and excessive heating will also cause carbonization of goods, which is the same as the traditional method of over-heating, will also make things carbonized. Once carbonized, items will lose their original components, and microwave heating control is more difficult than traditional heating. Therefore, it is very important to study microwave matching power and control drying moisture accurately. (See Livestrong: Microwave Food and Health)

In the past decade, we have not only studied the three properties of microwave equipment (uniformity, safety and stability), but also focused more on the research of matching with processing technology, power matching and precise control of drying moisture. It is gratifying that we have made great progress in drying materials. For example, when the moisture content of the material is high, the microwave power decreases with the decrease of the moisture content of the material. Finally, the purpose of power matching and precise control of the moisture content of the material is achieved. This is our microwave production of intelligent microwave drying equipment, such as intelligent static microwave vacuum drying equipment, has now been widely used in food and traditional Chinese medicine drying, it embodies low temperature, rapid drying, energy-saving effect up to 50-90%, effective ingredients than traditional drying increased by more than 30%, greatly reducing the loss of effective ingredients in the drying process. The future of microwave drying applications

With the rapid development of society, the impact on the atmosphere becomes more and more serious, and the improvement of energy efficiency has been paid more and more attention by governments. We need high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment. The application of microwave energy has just begun, which is hard to come by. We need to study deeply and expand the field of application continuously, to produce suitable and useful equipment, a new one. The popularization and application of technology need not only the hard work of scientists and technicians, but also the support and help from all walks of life to make microwave energy application technology benefit mankind.

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